Welcome to Event Birdie!

Event Birdie is an online resource for event professionals and people who want to plan events like a Pro. 

We want to help you plan an event that rocks! An event so superbly run that guests rave about it to everyone they know or meet in the street.
Whether you’re planning a corporate function, the staff Christmas party, a big conference, your wedding day or your Dad’s 60th birthday celebration - we’ve got you covered with all of your event planning needs.
How do we do that? 
Well, for starters, we’ve designed a super easy-to-use directory of venues, caterers and suppliers - including event photographers, AV and production companies, entertainment providers, florists, styling and décor companies, event planners and a bunch of suppliers you may not have even realised you need – we call them ‘Event Extras’. 
You can browse all of these types of businesses from our directory search bar on the homepage. At the moment we cover Sydney and Melbourne, with plans of being Australia-wide one day soon (stay tuned!).
We work hard on attracting and promoting the type of venues and suppliers we know will deliver results and make planning your events a breeze.
On each venue, caterer and supplier listing you’ll find information about what they do best, the type of events they caterer for and a whole stack of images (and sometimes video!) to help you visualise how your event would look should you choose to work with that business. 

At Event Birdie we encourage you to get in direct contact with the businesses you like the look of. Their events teams are the best people to discuss your requirements with and they can tell you exactly how they can help you create a fantastic experience for your guests.

Planning events isn’t rocket science, but people can often get elements of their event planning wrong and this can cause you (the event planner) a lot of stress and your guests to complain. 
We don’t like stress and we don’t like complaints. And we’re guessing you don’t either.
To help you plan stress-free events and avoid guests whinging about lack of food or your event being “a waste of time” (two of our most loathed complaints to hear), we’ve created a library of content on our blog that should help you avoid event planning disasters.
If you don’t have time to read all our blog posts at least take note of our two biggest event planning tips (consider these our event planning philosophy): 

1. Always plan your event for your guests. Don’t plan it for yourself.

If you have a good understanding of your guests and choose elements of your event to suit them (or at least the majority) you will avoid many complaints and receive much praise!
More on this in: Don’t forget the guests

2. Make sure you communicate your message effectively. 

Whether it’s a private or corporate event, you’re spending money (and lots of it) on hosting people for a reason. Make sure that reason is communicated effectively and your event will not be seen as a waste of time. 
Now let’s stop chin wagging and get started – you’ve got events to plan!
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P.P.S If you were hoping to read about our Founder and Director on this About page, you’re out of luck. We will tell you though that Event Birdie was started by Rebecca Hunt – Chief Birdie and lover of the events industry! Feel free to stalk Rebecca on Linkedin and connect with her there.

Happy planning!