11 ideas guaranteed to heat up your winter events

It’s cold outside and while most people would love to just snuggle up on the couch under a blanket and binge watch the latest series on NetFlix, Event Planners know the show must go on! There are still parties, functions, weddings and meetings to plan and people, reluctantly or not, will accept invitations, don the appropriate attire and turn up ready to be impressed.
So if your guests have made the effort to attend your winter event, reward them with something impressive! We’ve put together a few ideas that will heat up your winter event and be sure to leave your guests with a warm fuzzy feeling…

1. Toasted marshmallows!

Nothing warms the soul better than a toasted marshmallow. It’s a special little treat that your guests will rave about!
Not sure the venue you’ve hired will permit a campfire indoors? Never fear, the sophisticated marshmallow cooker is here! Check out the little beauty below…
And if you do want to provide the real thing, how about setting up some stylish campfires to line the path on exit. Give your guests a marshmallow on a stick as they leave so they get a warm sweet treat on the way home.
Marshmallow station at events
Images: #1 & #3 Pinterest, #2 Markus Spiske (via Pexels)

2. Give your guests a blanket!

If you’ve chosen a venue without sufficient heating or you’re planning an outdoor element to your event, giving your guests a blanket or lap rug is a great way to keep them warm and cosy. 
Planning a chic client dinner? Provide your guests with a luxurious faux fur lap rug to drape over their dinner gowns.
Planning a wedding ceremony outside? Warm blankets on hand add a nice touch. 

Give your guests a blanket at winter events
Images: Pinterest

3. Create a warm welcome!

Create an impressive entrance with fire! No, we don’t mean ask your guests to walk on red hot coals, we mean style your entry to look hot and feel it too! Check out this great set-up put together by Howard and Sons Pyrotechnics for an event at Australian Technology Park. The red carpet was not only lined with decorative fire, the fire jets gave a theatrical blast of heat as guests stepped onto the red carpet. Now, that’s what you call making an entrance!

Create a hot entrance to your event
Image: Australian Technology Park

4. Cooking with fire

As we mentioned in our 12 tips and trends for events in 2016 earlier this year, cooking with fire is so ‘hot’ right now. Barbeques of all kinds allow you to create hearty, delicious menus, as well as add to the overall event experience with smoky smells and heat.
Other great ways to turn up the heat on your event with catering include hot wok stations and giant pans of steaming paella - turn up the gas and get creative!

Cooking with fire
Images: Pinterest

5. It ain’t called HOT pink for nothing!

Rather than flood your event space with traditional red lights, think pink instead. Pink lighting can make a room feel warm without feeling like you’ve stepped into a burlesque bar. Check out these great examples here.

They don't call it hot pink for nothing
Images: Pinterest

6. Go for gold (the Olympics are on soon after all!)

If you’re looking for a sophisticated way to style an event, we recommend going for gold! The rich hue not only looks luxurious, but when paired with soft lighting it will make a space feel warm and inviting. Leave silvers for summer or icy-looking winter themed events
Gold event styling
Images: Pinterest

7. Flair tenders!

If you’re planning an event with a bar front of house, then turn the heat up by hiring some flair tenders! Think Tom Cruise from Cocktail with more mixing experience and better flames. 
A well-chosen winter cocktail also helps to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Check out this winter cocktail list from bartender Tristian Wiley of Booklyn’s Long Island Bar.
Flair tenders for events
Image from Oneill Photographics

8. Make the coffee hot and goooood

Whether it’s a morning event, all day conference or evening gala, if you plan on serving coffee make sure you serve it hot and strong! To guarantee a great brew hire a barista coffee cart or specialty coffee caterer.    

9. Use candles and loads of them!

There is nothing like stepping into an event space that is lit with candle light. The warm glow gives warmth and can create an elegant or intimate atmosphere. 

Use candle light to create a warm atmosphere
Images: Pinterest

10. Choose comfort food

Ditch the salad boxes and go straight for the cheese and jamon toasties! Comfort food with a modern twist is bang on trend for catering and an event or special occasion is no place to count calories. So make your guests extra happy and choose hearty favourites for your event menu. 

Have some more ideas on how to heat up winter events? We'd love you to share with us in the comments below...