7 tips for planning fun corporate events

Let’s face it, as adults - hard working, busy adults – we sometimes crave to be kids again. To play, to run, to jump and bounce. To take a break from our daily lives to be silly and have fun. There is a big kid in all of us just itching to break free and go a little wild.
If you give that opportunity to your staff and colleagues, we guarantee there will be laughter, smiles and memories created. And that’s a good investment for any company. 
But how do you inject the fun factor into a corporate event? 
To find out we caught up with Mark Rubiolo, owner of Bubbling with Energy, who has recently launched a new website to make it easier for event planners to find the perfect amusements to suit their events - www.bubblingwithenergy.info.
Before parting with his top tips on how to plan fun corporate events, Mark was dying to tell us about a recent event they helped to produce for Mentally Friendly – a Kidnap the Boss day! 
The event was essentially a team building day, which fell on the Boss’s birthday. During a morning meeting, staff broke into the meeting room and kidnapped the Boss! Popping a pillowcase over his head, the Boss was then herded, along with the entire staff, onto a bus bound for the Sydney Tennis Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. 
When they got there, Bubbling with Energy had set up an inflatable playground with water slides and jumping castles. With delicious catering provided throughout the afternoon, the Boss and his staff enjoyed an afternoon of laughter and fun together. “The concept was a lot of fun and I’ve heard the staff are still raving about the day three months later”, commented Mark. 

Bubbling with Energy | planning fun events
Mark explained that hosting a successful event like this is easy if you take the time to plan ahead and consider your audience. Check out his top tips for planning a memorable and fun corporate event that will have all your guests engaged and raving about it for months!

1. Choose an activity that suits the style of event you are hosting

Bubbling with Energy have Australia’s largest range of inflatable jumping castles, rides and obstacle courses. Plus, they have entertainers, mechanical rides and amusements – that’s a big catalogue to browse!
So when building their new website, Mark told us they wanted to create an easy to use directory of their products: “we have put together collections based on the style of events Event Planners are organising; Christmas parties, corporate events, family fun days, team building, etc.” 
There are big clear images and details about each amusement, so that event planners can easily see which activity is appropriate for their style of event and their chosen venue.  

2. Consider the ability and agility of your guests

While some of us love an excuse to throw on some shorts and enjoy a game of bubble soccer or attempt to ride a mechanical wave machine, not all your staff will be as keen to get involved in something so active. 
Mark assures us that at Bubbling with Energy there is an activity for everyone and they can make anyone (even the office grouch) have fun! 
For the active and agile, there are giant inflatable obstacle courses, human table foosball, bubble soccer and rock climbing walls, just to mention a few. For those less inclined to exert themselves, they have a range of golf games, basketball shootouts and arcade games that will get even the least active in your team participating. 
Mark also points out that many of the active games like bubble soccer make for excellent spectator activities and encourage clients to create an exciting tournament atmosphere at their events. 

3. With water or without…

Many of Bubbling with Energy’s inflatable slides and obstacle courses can be used dry or with water!
Mark says that when the weather heats up there is nothing better than turning your event into a slip and slide water park! Add a little water and your activities will not only need a new level of skill, but they will be refreshing too. 
P.S. Just because there is water involved doesn’t mean you need to change into your swimwear… something some people may be reluctant to do in front of their work colleagues. 

4. Foster a positive competitive environment

While we certainly love anything active and competitive, some of your staff may feel a bit daunted by the prospect. Before, during and after the event make sure you foster a positive environment around any competitive games being played.
Mark suggests bringing things together at the end of the day with a range of awards - make them funny and inclusive!

5. Choose the right venue

There are some great venues available with outdoor and indoor space suitable for inflatable games and rides. Bubbling with Energy’s new website highlights the space and power requirements needed for each amusement so that you can easily plan ahead. The team at Bubbling with Energy can also help suggest venues (and so can Event Birdie!) that are suitable for what you have planned.
And don’t think that you need to have a large outdoor area for all inflatables… they have installed their Human table foosball on the 27th floor of an office building!

6. Ensure there is plenty of water and food

A day full of activity and laughter is thirsty and hungry work! Make sure you provide enough water and food to keep your guests satisfied all day.
For carnival style snacks, Mark tells us Bubbling with Energy also have popcorn and fairy floss machines for hire.

7. Use a professional 

Installing, operating and maintaining inflatable and mechanical rides is not something you want to leave to amateurs – make sure you hire a company that has all the appropriate licences, insurances and maintenance records. 
Hiring a company like Bubbling with Energy, who have worked on corporate events for over 25 years, will mean your event objectives are met and handled with care. 
For inspiration and ideas for planning your next corporate fun day jump on Bubbling with Energy’s brand new, easy to use website!

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