The art of Art Deco styling for weddings and events

Art Deco is the design style that defined the look and feel of the 1920s, 30s and 40s. With smooth lines, bold geometric shapes and shiny metallics, it is a timeless style that creates a sense of luxury and opulence. This makes art deco a great look for styling wedding receptions and gala events.

Art Deco wedding styling
When styling your special occasion, knowing the defining characteristics of the original style will make it easier for you to choose the right venue and décor to create the perfect art deco ‘feel’. Your wedding or event will look stunning when you capture the perfect mix of luxury, glamour and opulence, which is what art deco style is all about.

A touch of metallic to add richness

The use of metallic materials and colours were an important part of the art deco era. They were typically used against monochrome and neutral base colours to enhance their shine and richness. 
Gold, silver, brass and chrome colours were used generously in original art deco design as it signified wealth. The use of metallics is once again very trendy and we are seeing a lot of rich gold, silver, brass and rose gold on the fashion runways and throughout high-end events. Adding a touch of these colours to your event will provide a luxurious feel (just don’t overdo it!). 

Art Deco table styling for gala events

Make a statement with furniture

When considering furniture, look for grand elegant pieces that will make a statement. Ensure that the furniture you use is highly-polished, smooth and rich looking. A smart combination of parallel lines and gracious curves will meet the mark perfectly. Circular shapes were also common and the use of round ottomans and cocktail tables will enhance a cocktail area. Using mirrored or lacquered furniture will also add to the art deco style of your wedding or event. 


Table linen that sparkles

When selecting table linen you have two options - either use a strong base colour, like black to make your metallic décor stand out or choose one of the gorgeous sequined linens that are very popular at the moment. Using the textured and sparkly linen will really increase the feeling of luxury at your reception.

Setting the mood with lighting

Creating the right mood is critical in art deco style. Decorative light fixtures and venues with highly styled lighting installations were common place in the art deco era. Using art deco table lamps, coupled with layered lighting around the venue will cement the atmosphere and create a sultry glow. Lighting fixtures should consist of shiny polished metals and reflect the strong geometric features of the era. 

Art Deco venue | The Centre Ivanhoe
Styled lighting and polished parquetry dance floors | The Centre Ivanhoe

Choosing the right venue for an Art Deco wedding or event

The best way to create a gorgeous art deco styled wedding reception or gala event is to find a venue that has retained its original art deco features. This allows you to build on the stylish interiors and create a holistic look and feel.  
Art Deco venues will typically have hardwood floors, perfect for dancing. These were always laid in distinct geometric patterns and kept highly polished. Art Deco venues also typically have furnishing and fixtures that will ensure your wedding or event has that polished and luxurious Art Deco look and feel.
One of Melbourne's best examples for original Art Deco architecture is The Centre Ivanhoe. From the sweeping entrance to the stunning interiors, you and your guests will be transported to an era of glamor and sophistication. The Great Hall, has an impressive stage with a glamorous staircase, high ceilings and quintessential art deco features that make it the perfect backdrop for wedding receptions and gala events. It’s well worth checking out the venue’s page on Event Birdie for a look at the function room images. 
The venue and events team at The Centre Ivanhoe is well versed in accentuating the venue’s unique features and using them to enhance your special occasion. If you want to create a luxurious wedding reception or gala event then make sure you get in touch with the team and let them help you create a show stopping, art deco styled occasion.

Guest post by Hannah von Bibra

Hannah von Bibra is the Director of Sales at EPICURE, managing Melbourne’s most iconic and premier event venues (Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne Cricket Ground, ZINC at Federation Square, The Centre Ivanhoe and Hawthorn Arts Centre). Hannah loves experiencing great moments and everyone who knows her, knows that she embraces this through travel and life in general. She uses this attitude to provide clients with memorable events and takes pride in encouraging this approach throughout her team and venues.