The Best Kid’s Birthday Parties Without the Chaos

What happened to the days of pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the tail on the donkey? Kids parties in 2018 are exploding with face painters, jumping castles, piñata, musicians and the must-have VIP guests including; Elsa, Ana, Batman, Spiderman and Dora. A plentiful feast of healthy and sweet options along with the wedding-like birthday cake and personalised, on-theme (must be!) rose-gold cake topper. Heavily influenced by Pinterest, parents click into automatic Party Planners set to overdrive – anything for their little treasures. 
The amount of time and money spent on a kid’s party surmounts to hundreds of dollars for a guaranteed two hours of utter chaos. You’re left cleaning the house for days before hand (and days after!), hiding precious valuables from potential destruction and freaking out about the carpet. Or, you may choose to take the party to a local park – where there are even more kids! Kids you don’t know and a party that can ultimately get out of control. 
So, how about suggesting something different this year? 
This year for your kid’s birthday bonanza, find a venue that gives you the sense of being at a lovely home, without the stress of it actually being your house! A place with a HUGE garden, with flat lawns for jumping castles and games, that is fully fenced to keep your little guests safe… Where do you find such a wonderful place? Well, we know of two gorgeous houses for private events, located right in the heart of Sydney’s Centennial Park. Let’s take a look at how they have been used previously to host the best kids birthday parties ever!

Birthday Parties at The Residences... Welcome to Birthday Land

The Residences are two homes inside Sydney’s famous Centennial Park. A unique venue for birthday parties and special occasions. 

A Superhero Birthday Party 

The Superintendents has been home to intimate 80th birthdays in the chandelier lit dining room, surprise themed 40th celebrations, and wild 21st parties, and more recently a growing number of children’s parties. 
The expansive back garden at the historic Superintendents Residence has enough green space for a kid’s party dream come true. The front garden at The Superintendents, which is fully enclosed, is the perfect location for gigantic jumping castles and wild superhero chases – it once witnessed Spiderman climbing the Jacaranda to avoid capture from his enemy, The Joker at Sebastian’s 4th Superhero party (pictured). There is enough space to invite the whole class, parents and siblings for a fun birthday party – no matter what the theme.

Birthday Parties at The Residences

The Best 1st Birthday Party 

The Rangers Residences is a popular heritage home for 1st birthdays. The home creates an intimate setting for friends and family to come together. Tucked on top of a hill, with sweeping views over Sydney’s iconic Centennial Park, The Rangers is ideal for families looking for a unique venue to celebrate this milestone event. Surrounded by the ancient Morton Bay Figs, the park seems all for you, while friends delight in attending the secret venue. 
Parents recently celebrated their daughter’s first birthday at The Rangers – an intimate event for their nearest and dearest. Placing signage on the picket fence and tee pees in the private garden for the little one and her friends to explore and stay cool. 
Once their daughter was exhausted, they tucked her into bed inside the Residence, while the grown-ups continued celebrating on the covered balcony- a bonus of booking a venue with complimentary accommodation!  In fact, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, there’s room for the whole family to stay (perfect for Grandparents coming from out of town for the party). A first birthday is about the baby, but it’s also a chance to hooray the parents who survived the first year of parenting on little-to-no sleep (maybe they’ll have a nap inside too)! 

Kids Parties at The Residences

Kids Parties Now That You Have A Teenager

It can be difficult planning parties with friends as kids get older. It may be time to suggest the idea of a fun birthday weekend, also known as FOMC (Festival of My Child). A night at The Residences can be a great chance to invite some of Darlings’ best friends for a night at The Superintendents, while the rest of the family relax at The Rangers Residence. The sense of independence, (supervised from a distance of course and with regular check-ups), creates more excitement than movie tickets or 30 minutes Go Karting.

The four bedrooms at The Superintendents can accommodate 8 friends. Arrange for an early check in and plan for party guests to settle in and meet at The Homestead Café for lunch in the heart of the park. Send everyone back ‘home’ for a little down time before heading local for a birthday dinner. Finish the night with a new release DVD and a surprise movie hamper with their favourite snacks and be ready to be nominated Best Parent of The Year. Staying nearby at The Rangers Residence, means everyone in the family can enjoy a mini staycation in Sydney’s historic homes at Centennial Park.  

Final Word…

Don’t let the stress and chaos of hosting a birthday party at your own home get on top of you – find a home-like venue instead! With ample space, in a safe environment, you can create a birthday party with all the bells and whistles!
*The Residences at Centennial Park has ceased trading as an events venue as of November 2018.

Guest post by Guest post by Nadia Ruben | Marketing Guru at The Residences Centennial Park

Nadia loves working at The Residences – a collection of boutique garden venues in Sydney. Nadia and the team like to dream big and help others create unique corporate and private events. Nadia is passionate about coffee, being a happiness advocate (you need to practice happiness if you want it in your life) and The Residences bespoke philosophy. The Residences bespoke approach means people can use the versatile indoor-outdoor space as they like. New ideas shine bright so that each event, big or small, stands out.