Catering Trend | Plant Based Menus You’ll Love

Guest Blog by Stephanie Clifford-Smith | Innovation Manager, Gastronomy

Anyone with a passing interest in food will have noticed the massive trend towards vegetables. The move is represented all over the city’s best restaurant menus and new release cookbooks so we can assume our clients aka home cooks are giving it the occasional whirl as well. And we have totally noticed!

At Gastronomy, naturally, we cater deliciously to the strictest vegos and vegans as well as the hungriest steak loving carnivores. But we’ve always had an eye to sustainability and have quietly written plant-based dishes into all our menus. No need to make a fuss about it, we just do it. We also find those meat eaters elbowing fellow diners out of the way to get to the vegetarian dishes.

The reason? We put as much care into composing plant based dishes as we do everything else. We consider flavour foremost but also texture, mouthfeel and presentation because they contribute so much to our customers’ satisfaction.  Without the help of a gorgeous piece of animal protein, the labour costs for these dishes may be higher if they need advanced technical skill to get that wow factor.

Some universal truths:
  • Everyone loves pastry
  • Everyone loves cheese
  • Everyone loves creaminess
  • Everyone loves crunch
  • Everyone wants to be able to walk unaided after a meal

Handmade Ricotta Gnocci
Handmade Ricotta Gnocci, Roma tomato sugo, fried basil, pecorino



Bearing these truths in mind is how we foster the love and affection of all our customers, vegos and carnivores alike. Check out some of our current meatless offerings and see if they get your juices going.
  • SPICED FRENCH LENTIL GALETTES spinach, Greek yoghurt, harissa roasted kumatos
  • TEMPURA EGGPLANT black sesame sauce, minted guacamole (vegan)
  • BEETROOT and WASABI SALAD, flamed mirin and avocado dressing (vegan)
  • TURKISH PASTRY ‘CIGARS’ spinach and Persian feta, cucumber and mint
  • PUMPKIN AND RICOTTA NAPOLEON pepita and marjoram crumb
  • MINT, PEA and GOATS CHEESE RAVIOLO saffron butter
  • MISO DEVILLED EGGS pickled radish and fried mushrooms
  • CARAMELISED ONION TART thyme and bitter leaves
  • ZUCCHINI AND FETA FRITTERS minted beetroot puree
  • CELERY, PEANUT AND TOFU SALAD chilli oil and black vinegar (vegan)
  • CAULIFLOWER AND FRIED QUAIL'S EGG fennel and tahini puree
  • GADO GADO Javanese salad of steamed vegetables, tofu and egg warm, freshly roasted peanut sauce
  • WHOLE ROASTED PURPLE CAULIFLOWER on soft polenta, Napolitana sauce and sage
  • HANDMADE RICOTTA GNOCCHI Roma tomato sugo, fried basil, pecorino
  • SPICED HALOUMI AND HEIRLOOM HARISSA CARROTS with yoghurt and preserved lemon

Gastronomy Pumpkin and Ricotta Napoleon pepita and marjoram crumb
Pumpkin and Ricotta napoleon, pepita and marjoram crumb
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Our chefs love flexing their culinary muscles, creating creaminess with tahini, avocado and pureed chick peas, crunch with nuts, toasted seeds and breadcrumbs and ensuring every dish, no matter the diet, is perfectly seasoned and balanced. Bon appetit!

If you are interested in creating a sustainable or plant based menu for your next event contact Gastronomy to get started: Gastronomy's website

Guest post by Stephanie Clifford-Smith | Innovation Manager, Gastronomy

A freelance journalist specialising in food and travel, Stephanie joined Gastronomy in 2017 as their Innovation Manager. She focuses on trends, ingredients and seasonality, working directly with our chefs to craft menus. A regular face at restaurant openings, hotel launches and promotions for regional Australian produce, Stephanie’s food knowledge has already started to show results in the latest Summer menu canape release.

Stephanie is presently also the Food Writer for the Real Review.  She’s written two non-fiction books - A Marvellous Party, a biography of celebrity chef Bernard King, and Kink: A Straight Girl's Investigation.