Clever Ways Events Can Boost Your Business, Brand and Bottom Line

No matter what size your business is, hosting an event can go a long way to boosting your business, brand and bottom line. Smart marketers and event professionals know that a well-executed event has immense power to attract new business and convert existing and new leads. 
Many small to medium business owners however, worry that hosting events is too costly, too hard and will not give a significant return on their investment. I’m here to tell you that this is simply not the case if you do it right. And, doing it right is about being clever with your resources and knowing exactly what you want to achieve by hosting an event.  
I am going to be taking you through my tips and tricks to make your event stand out and put the dollar signs back in your business.


1. Start with your WHY

Before we talk about how to make your event successful, we first need to be clear on WHY you are running an event.

I work with clients big and small and you would be surprised that this is often the last part of their strategy. Bring this to the top and make it a priority in all of your event planning and you will be surprised on the effect it will have.

We don’t just run an event to run an event? Always be clear on an event’s purpose.

So I start with the outcome – what do we want to achieve by hosting an event?
Consider the following:
  • What are you selling or sharing?
  • Who is in the room?
  • How do you want them to feel when they walk through the doors?
  • How do you want them to feel when the walk out of the door?
  • And… what action do you want them to take next? 
When we have this clear, we can then start to think about the exposure we need for the event.

2. Exposure – Be Seen!

If you’re not seen you may as well not have a business or host an event. Focusing on the exposure of your event is a vital step.

First, consider who you are selling or sharing information with? Who is your audience/ guests?
Then consider how can you use your event to communicate with those people – before, during and after.

My top three groups of people to include in any event are:
  1. Media
  2. Referrals (happy customers)
  3. Videographer

Why? Well, you want all the event content – your IP (the presentations, the people, the images, etc) to be useable for distribution. It’s vital for the ROI of an event for it to be recorded and shared as much and as widely as possible. More content = more customers.

3. Step up your online game…

Once you have the content, it’s time to step up your online game. There are two different types of events - online and face-to-face.

How can we turn a face-to-face event into an online event or product? This is all through video... Yes! YouTube videos are the biggest and most successful marking tool in the world with over 30 million visitors a day. If you don’t have an account, then this is your action point after reading this blog.

Creating videos and modules from your events and breaking them up into mini videos for your internal customers, testimonials, product information, etc. is a very clever way of making extra dollars after your event.

4. Sponsorship and Joint Ventures...

Building relationships with sponsors and suppliers for your event can help towards your bottom line.

This could be a venue sponsor, catering sponsor or media sponsor to help you with your bottom line. Joint ventures can also increase bums on seats at your event, find like-minded companies or organisations with the same target audience and share and marketing of your event through their channels.

Always think when inviting people to your event - is there an opportunity to join forces and how can you help each other with promotion?

Final note…

Before planning your event always be clear on your WHY. Once that is established, consider how you’re going to stand out, who you’re going to invite and how your event content can be used long into the future to build your brand, create new business and ultimately, increase your bottom line. And, if you need help with mapping out your next event to boost your business, brand and bottom line, get in touch with a professional (my details are below…)

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Guest post by Hannah Sneath | Eventfolio

Hannah Sneath, CEO & Founder of Eventfolio has been working in the events industry for coming up to a decade. Hannah prides herself on her collaborative approach, her ability to make personal connections and her history of producing event after event without a hitch. When Hannah isn’t planning events, you’ll find her enjoying a round of golf or spending time at one of Sydney’s beaches.
No matter what size your business is, hosting an event can go a long way to boosting your business, brand and bottom line. Smart marketers and event professionals know that a well-executed event has immense power to attract new business and convert existing and new leads.