Product review: Create 360°

Video, video, video… That is the hot word on every event professional’s lips at the moment. In fact, it’s currently THE hot word in every industry, worldwide. If you’re not planning any video content for your next important event, then you need to think again.
We’ve discussed previously why you need to incorporate video at your event, but today we’re looking specifically at a super cool new product – the first of its kind in Australia! 
Introducing, Create 360°. 
This nifty technology from Create Engage will help you create ahhhh-mazing video content by allowing you to live stream an event in 360° mode… Oh yes, you’ll be able to capture your event in a fully immersive experience, so that those watching your event live or watching on playback later, can feel as though they are in the room. 

How do they do that? What events should jump on this immediately? And, will it blow the budget?
To answer all those questions and more, we took some time to find out about this great new product from Tanya Brown, Director at Create Engage…

1. In ten, OK, twenty words or less, what does Create 360° do?

Create 360° will allow you to record your event video or live stream your event with a 360-degree perspective.

2. What makes Create 360° different to anything else currently on the market?

Any type of video is great, but what sets Create 360° apart from other options for events is that it can film the entire room, giving the viewers the unique opportunity to feel as though they are there – not just watching a single frame positioned at a stage or speaker.

3. What makes Create 360° so exciting for event professionals? 

From a live streaming perspective, this is a really exciting product for event professionals as they can effectively translate the full experience of sitting in person at an event to the viewer who is sitting watching it in a remote location. They can reach audiences anywhere in the world, who can watch the event on any device and still get an idea of what the vibe is at the actual event. 
It’s as close as we can get to teleporting them into the room, which is so exciting!

4. At what type of events does the Create 360° perform best?

Create 360° is ideal for a variety of event types and video needs. Some great examples are Brand activations, training videos, large conventions, product launches, fashion shows and is perfect for events staged in the round. You can now stream a meeting to attendees who can’t make it and they will really feel like they are there.

5. How easy is the Create 360 to use/ install/ manage?

Our new camera system is so simple it can be mounted on a stand on the floor or rigged from the ceiling. It’s light weight, takes up little to no floor space and requires no camera operator.
The video feed can be streamed live to YouTube Live, Facebook Live or a stand-alone player embedded on any website.
If live is not your requirement, the Create 360° camera system can also record 360° videos to SD cards for uploading to your website or social media channels post-event.
For people watching the experience, they can view it on all devices including desktop, iPad, iPhone and even, VR headset. 

6. Do you need a big budget or is the technology accessible to a range of budgets?

As new and amazing as this product is, it’s also really affordable for most event budgets. Prices start from $1500 to film an event and live stream to Facebook Live or YouTube Live. 
For Event Birdie readers, we’ve included a special discount below for events booked before the end of June 2018.

7. Let’s take a look at Create 360° in action…

Check out this demo video Create Engage put together at a local gallery. Once you open the video, use your mouse or finger (depending on your device) to move around the screen. Scroll up to the ceiling, down to the floor and around and around as much as you like. Notice, the content keeps rolling, it’s not just a static image. It’s ahhhh-mazing!!

 Footage taken at ‘Printed Matters Sydney’ by Shepard Fairey.  An exhihition run by aMMBUSH Gallery, T-world and Vivid Sydney

To find out more about Create 360° and expanding your event engagement beyond the room,
contact Tanya from Create Engage.
T: 02 02 8541 4444 | E: | 

Stream your event live in 360° and SAVE $500!
One Create 360° package for only $1000 + GST (valued at $1500 + GST)
*Valid for events in held in Sydney until the 30th June 2018
*To live stream in 360° to Facebook Live or YouTube Live.
NB. If a stand-alone player is required additional costs will apply.