Event showcase: Diamonds are Forever Gala Ball

This week’s event showcase is brought to us by Innovative Production Services, a top-notch AV & Production supplier based in Sydney.
The Diamonds are Forever Ball is a charity gala held to raise money for Dr Charlie Teo’s Cure Brain Cancer Foundation. The foundation is the peak organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia and relies heavily on producing exceptional events to raise much needed funds for their work.
We first came across the event while checking out a highlights reel on Innovative’s Facebook page and were keen to find out more about how they were involved. We’ve included the highlights reel at the end – make sure you check it out.
Organising a charity gala that is designed to raise awareness of a cause, entice guests to dig deep, and ensure they all have a fantastic time (so they come back again and again, digging deeper and deeper) is no easy task. Suppliers involved need to find a balance between creating an amazing experience for the guests while sticking to a strict budget.
The end result from the team at Cure Brain Cancer and their suppliers was exceptional! Not only did they create a fantastic event, but they raised a whopping $1.2 million for brain cancer research!
We’re delighted to showcase a few of the highlights below, but before we do we wanted to draw your attention to the stage reveal – is this not the coolest screen you’ve ever seen?! 

[Please excuse the shaky video]

What you are seeing is a custom built borderless screen that covered the entire stage, which then could be split in the middle and travel on rolling tracks to the outer edges of the set to become two separate projection screens.
The reason for this design was to hide the many band changeovers that happened throughout the event, while ensuing seamless and consistent content during the evening. By using the screens to reveal each new act, Innovative Production were able to create an extremely professional and theatrical experience. We love it!
Check out a few more highlights from the evening below. 

Gala dinner at the Hordern Pavilion

By using a large blank canvas venue, such as the Hordern Pavilion, Production companies can get pretty creative with large stage sets, theatrical lighting and still plenty of room to accommodate lots of guests.

Boys in Band at Gala Dinner

Boys in Band were a hit, ensuring the dance floor was packed and pumping! 

Bayleaf Catering at Hordern Pavilion

Catering by Bayleaf Catering, one of the preferred suppliers at the Hordern Pavilion.

Dr Charlie Teo enjoying Gala

Dr Charlie Teo enjoying the evening with 1200 important guests.

Jazz singer Emma Pask

Jazz singer Emma Pask owning the stage.


We’d love to acknowledge all the amazing suppliers that helped to produce this event including:
Event Management: Workshop Events & OnQ Productions
Audio Visual & Production: Innovative Production Services
Additional Lighting: Chameleon
Catering: Bayleaf Catering
Florist: Sticks and Wicks

And now for the highlights reel - enjoy!