Don't forget the guests!

We know that planning an event can be hard work and it’s no surprise that people often feel overwhelmed and a little stressed during the process. So here is a little method we like to use to help please the people that matter most... Your guests!
No matter what type of event we’re planning, we never want to hear people grumbling: “I’m starving”, “the food was terrible”, “I couldn’t hear the speaker”, “I didn’t understand the presentation”, “the music was way too loud” or “I was late because I couldn’t find the place”.
A successful event means the message was communicated clearly, people were sufficiently catered for, and they all turned up and got away again with minimal fuss.
So how do the best event managers, wedding planners and those friends that always throw a good party get it right? Simple! They know their audience well and they always put themselves in their guests’ shoes.

If you plan an event from your guests’ perspective then you can almost always achieve success!
We say almost always, because we know you can’t please everyone. There are people that will naturally always get lost, have larger appetites than most and love a good opportunity to complain. We can, however, aim to please the majority.
So here it is, our little event planning method we apply before locking in the details…
Imagine you have just received the invitation to the event you are planning – are you enthusiastic about attending, are you putting it in your diary immediately or are you cringing at the thought and already anxious about attending?
Now picture you’ve arrived at the event - are you comfortable with your surrounds, are you suitably impressed, are you in the right location?
Half-way through the event - are you still comfortable, refreshed and engaged or are you restless, starving and looking at your watch?
Now you are on your way home - are you completely satisfied, did you have a good time or are you running for a cheeky burger on the way home and wishing you could get the last few hours of your life back?
We’ve all been to events that don’t get it quite right, so to avoid planning one yourself simply pop on the shoes of your guests and consider your event from their perspective. With your new found focus, we’re positive you’ll make the right decisions and suitably impress your guests.