Getting to Know Carly Warr

Event Pro Carly WarrMeet Carly Warr. Currently the Senior Event Manager at Metropolis Events Carly started out as a food and beverage attendant and has worked her way up. Along the way she has learnt how to exceed expectations, how to ensure the show goes on AND how to get a car through a first story window (a mighty logistical challenge). Having recently returned from four weeks holidaying in Europe her current challenge is seeing out the end of Melbourne's winter. Join us as we get to know another fabulous Event Pro, Carly Warr...

Give us a snap shot of your career to date.

I started my career as a Food and Beverage Attendant at Crown Melbourne. After 3 years in this role, I was promoted to Supervisor. During this time I was exposed to a wide variety of events, gaining strong operational and leadership skills and an overall understanding of what it takes to exceed client’s expectations. After 2 years as a Supervisor, I transitioned to the Sales Team as Sales Coordinator and was in this role for 5 years. In need of a change, I moved to London to experience life overseas. During this time I was a Sales Executive and Planner at The Tower Hotel (GLH Hotels). Upon returning to Australia, I was excited to hear about the opening of Metropolis Events and commenced immediately as Event Manager – Corporate and Special Events. I have since been promoted to Senior Event Manager. 

The most memorable event you have worked on and why?

The launch of the Lexus LS600 at Metropolis Events – working alongside Event2Event who are based in Sydney, we hosted the launch of the new Lexus with a stylish dinner.

The challenge of bumping a car into the venue for the very first time via one of the venue windows (which is one floor up, not on ground level) was exciting…and a little scary at the same time!

Having worked tirelessly with our General Manager to obtain the applicable permits and approvals and also arrange the crane and custom platform required in order to crane the car into the venue in a short lead time made the end result all the more satisfying and memorable.

Whilst many venues can drive a car into their space, not many need to plan the logistics of craning a car in. Doing so meant that guests were wowed when entering the space and seeing the car set against our stunning city skyline backdrop and ensured that the result for the client was achieved.   

Metropolis Events Melbourne | Car Event

What did you ‘learn the hard way’ when planning an event?

Situations that you haven’t planned for arise from time to time, and you don’t have time to ask why. You need to be adaptable and provide solutions promptly to ensure that the show goes on!

What are three personality traits that are required to succeed in the events industry?

1. Be open minded and accepting of others opinions
2. Have the ability to remain calm under pressure
3. Energetic

If you could share one piece of advice to those starting out in the industry what would it be?

Focus on balance. In the events industry you will be very busy during peak periods, however this will be balanced out by low periods. You need to make the most of the low periods to re-assess, prepare and plan ahead to ensure you are ready for the peaks and lessen the impact on you during the busy times.

The importance of work-life balance cannot be underestimated. At the end of the day this is the most vital thing to focus on to ensure that you enjoy your role whilst having time to spend with your family and friends and most importantly, on yourself. You have to make sure that you remain happy and healthy…inside and outside of work!

What song always gets you on the dance floor?

Mr Brightside – The Killers

If you could plan an event anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Santorini – no words required

Favourite type of food?


How do you unwind after a big event?

A cup of tea and a block of chocolate – or gin (depending on the day of week!)

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Having just returned from 4 weeks in Europe, it would have to be seeing out the rest of Melbourne’s winter!

Where do you go for creative inspiration?


Best event you’ve been to as a guest?

Oaks Day Ladies Lunch at Crown

What do you prefer, cocktail party or sit-down dinner?

Sit-down dinner

What is your ideal holiday destination?

Anywhere in Europe

Best fashion tip?

You can’t go wrong with a classic black suit

It’s event day - heels or flats?

Heels to start and change into flats!

Best event styling tip?

Focus on floral – whether it’s classic and elegant or you are wanting to make an impact, flowers always get the guests talking

If you weren’t working in events what would you do?

An insta-famous travel blogger