Getting To Know Liron Quattroville

Liron Quattroville profile imageMeet Liron Quattroville. Currently the Event Manager for MAAS (Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences – Powerhouse Museum & Sydney Observatory) with Create Consultants, she has years of experience from multiple venues. Liron loves a shared meal with family and is a bit of a perfectionist. She is so committed to a good event that she personally drove the bride and groom home from the first wedding she coordinated. So join us as we get to know another fabulous event pro, Liron Quattroville...

Give us a snap shot of your career to date.

After completing my degree in Event Management at UTS I did a brief stint at Doltone House as a Sales Administrator assisting their sales team. Looking for a bigger challenge I moved into an Event Coordinator role at the Novotel Manly Pacific. In March 2011 I started my role at the Taronga Centre as the Wedding Sales Executive. I was here for 4 years before starting my role with Create Consultants in 2015 for the Powerhouse Museum and Sydney Observatory.

The most memorable event you have worked on and why?

One of the first weddings I ever looked after, we had a run away groom, who I found at the local pub, he went back to the reception but he had drunk far too much and I ended up driving him and his new wife to their hotel in the city in total silence in my little Toyota Echo (it was so awkward). It just makes for such a good story! They are still together in case you were wondering…

What did you ‘learn the hard way’ when planning an event?

To have everything down in writing!  It is great being able to go back through email correspondence to ensure that details aren’t missed. Even when chatting over the phone I confirm details that were spoken about via email.

What are three personality traits that are required to succeed in the events industry?

Resilience – it is hospitality after all
Attention to detail
Great time management/organisation skills – being able to manage multiple events at the same time

If you could share one piece of advice to those starting out in the industry what would it be?

Hands on experience will get you further in the events industry than any events degree. Set yourself a goal of where you want to be and take baby steps until you get there. We all have to start somewhere and most event coordinator roles want experience!

If you could plan an event anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

We recently took a family holiday to Italy and I fell in love with Sicily. I would love to organise a communal long table dinner that runs throughout the cobbled streets of Cefalu. We were lucky enough to be there for their Street Food festival!

Favourite type of food?

Food is life, I can’t choose a favourite!

Describe yourself in two words?


How do you unwind after a big event?

A glass of wine (or should I say bottle – jks)

What is your biggest challenge at the moment?

Juggling work life, with family life, with social life while still trying to look after yourself! I am a mummy to 2 beautiful little boys 😊

Favourite restaurant?

I’m not hard to please – just give me some chicken and garlic dip from El Jannah’s and I’ll be happy

What do you prefer, cocktail party or sit-down dinner?

Sit down dinner

What is your ideal holiday destination?

Really enjoyed Egypt and Southern Italy

Best fashion tip?

Dress to suit your body shape. My grandma use to say ‘Rather dead than out of fashion’ when she saw someone wearing something that just wasn’t right for them (still cracks me up!)

What’s your drink of choice at an event?

Usually red wine

It’s event day - heels or flats?


Who would you love to invite to dinner (past or present)?

I would love to have one last dinner with my relatives who have passed away, just so I can get a chance to say goodbye

What is the craziest request you have ever had when planning an event?

Had a wedding couple that wanted a penguin to waddle in to their reception (don’t get any ideas, it was a no)

Why do you love your job?

I love the team I work with – the banter, the support we share amongst the team and the sense of family.  I also appreciate the support that our manager and director give to mums returning to work.

From an events perspective I love working with the Powerhouse Museum as the exhibits are always changing, which means you can return to the venue and have a completely new event experience and have you seen the views from Sydney Observatory? Both make for such memorable events!

If you weren’t working in events what would you do?

A kindy teacher