Getting to know Melanie Champion

Melanie-Champion-Event-ProMeet Melanie Champion. As the Principal at Champion Event Group, "events" is what this amazing woman was made for. With a career spanning from childhood Melanie is the one running in heels and bringing everyone with her. She loves to dance, will always eat chocolate and has invited us to step into her world of glam with a video of her white birthday party! Join us as we meet another amazing Event Pro, Melanie Champion...

Give us a snap shot of your career to date

I started my career telling my mum what type of birthday party I wanted. I always organised all of the family birthdays and events and then after school, when I began working, they always came to me to organise work events. 

Professionally, I started running night club events and live music shows and then I moved onto business networking events with the Pyrmont Ultimo Chamber of Commerce. I’ve since done fashion shows, venue launches, festivals, business awards, charity fundraisers, on-campus events at Sydney Uni and more both locally and internationally. I’ve managed teams of students, contractors and suppliers.

 In 2015, I moved to the Solomon Islands and ended up managing 6 major events over there including the launch of the newest casino and resort which we flew International artist Craig David over for – that was right before he made his comeback so we got him for a great price! 20 years later, I still love managing events and I now organise a national Business Awards event annually in the Solomon Islands. I have also just completed an event for the Australian Government over there. It’s been a very diverse and exciting career for me and I don’t see myself changing paths any time soon.


What is the most memorable event you have worked on and why?

I led the team organising the Independence Day Fashion Festival in the Solomon Islands in 2015. This event was a celebration of Solomon Islands Independence but it was also a fundraising event for the Children’s ward at their national hospital. We had a fashion parade, flew an artist in from Australia to perform and got the Prime Minister to attend and do a speech. We raised approximately $400,000 Solomon Dollars which is about $70,000 AUD in one night for the hospital. It was a great achievement and one of the best events to be organised in the Solomon Islands - so I’ve been told.

What are three personality traits that you think are required to succeed in the events industry?

Leadership, A1 organisational skills, creativity

If you could share one piece of advice to those starting out in the industry what would it be?

Go for it! Get your hands dirty. The best way to master this career is to go in head first and organise your first event. Don’t forget it’s all about your task list and the finer details!

What song always gets you on the dance floor?

Anything 90’s R&B! Dancing frees your soul!

If you could plan an event anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

America - I know it will be BIG, very entertaining and unforgettable!

Favourite type of food?

Chocolate. I am a chocoholic! No-one can stop me from eating chocolate at any time of the day. I recently managed Chocolate Week in the Solomon Islands - it satisfied my soul!

How would your friends describe your job?

Stressful – they are not wrong! But I love it!

How do you unwind after a big event?

With a glass of Champagne with my team and then I sleep!

Words to live by?

“You are only as good as your last event!”

Where do you go for creative inspiration?

To bed. Creativity, normally comes to me at 2am.  I don’t know where it comes from! It’s a mystery to me and the ideas are endless!

Favourite restaurant?

Mr Wong in Sydney

What is your ideal holiday destination?

Paris or an island

What’s your drink of choice at an event?


Favourite party theme?

White party - Take a peep at my 40th Birthday party here

It’s event day - heels or flats?

Depends on the event! Outdoor - Festival - definitely flats
Business Awards event – Heels (Comfy ones that allow me to run)

Who would you love to invite to dinner (past or present)?


Why do you love your job?

I love seeing my vision come to life! I love bringing people together to have a good time.