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Just like the message from the recent hit movie, catering trends this year are focusing on the natural beauty of food and styling materials. There’s an abundance of wholesome flavours with luxury natural finishes sure to impress any gathering of special guests. 
It’s key to note that it’s not just the ingredients and style of catering that plays an important role when designing an on-trend menu… Just like the designers of a highly-acclaimed movie set, event planners need to ensure their event catering is a thing of beauty as well.

Why is it important to create beautifully styled food? Because now, more than ever, your menu not only needs to be appetising and fulfilling, but it needs to be 'grammable' too. 

Almost replacing the fork, the Instagram era has embraced smartphones as the contemporary dining utensil. Whether it’s a lavish feast or a collection of canapés, the smartphone is guaranteed to be in the hands of your event guests. With the ability to point and click, snapping editorial-style food photos, it’s important that you give your guests the quality photo opportunities they're looking for - #foodie #instafood #delicious #foodisart #foodstagram #gourmet #sydneycaterer 
The art of interactive dining continues to earn kudos with trend-savvy event planners - food is emotive and the perfect conversation starter. So, ensure your menu not only satisfies their hunger pains, but also provides visual sustenance as well.
Here are a few of our current interactive menu items along with a few styling tips for the 'grammable' generation.

FOOD | Ingredients & Serving trends

A feast of shared platters
The days of queuing for a beige buffet are well and truly a thing of the past. Serving large platters of food to be shared at the table continues in popularity and isn’t going anywhere.
People eat with their eyes, so create impactful visual feasts that are as stunning as they are delicious. We like to use colour to complement flavour. With fresh ingredients in abundance we can illustrate our take on garden-to-table menus - think cascades of seasonal fruit, fresh herbs, leaves and edible flowers.
Suggested menu items 
Cherry and teardrop tomato basil baby bocconcini salad
Pickled baby fennel and roast purple carrot, whipped goats curd, Manuka honey and lavender dressing
Elderberry glazed jumbo quail, hazelnut eschalot stuffing, celeriac and parsley puree

A feast of shared platters | Gastronomy
Canapés –  pint-sized powerhouses
Over the years, canapés have had many incarnations. Some have been embraced with gumption and have cemented their way into modern menus, others have vanished as quickly as the fad that invented them. Either way, canapés are usually the first things your guests eat at your event, which is why they are an important part of your event’s DNA. This is your opportunity to set the tone and your guest’s expectations of the food journey that they will take during the event.
Designing a multi-sensory experience was the goal when our Executive Chef Cyril Miletto created our new canapé menu. Deft flavour pairings being matched by a chic vibrant appearance.
Suggested menu items 
Seared kingfish carpaccio croutons with pickled ginger and bitter orange (pictured left)
Warm spiced lamb shoulder on crispy flat bread, labneh, pomegranate (pictured right)
Togarashi spiced Yellow fin tuna sashimi, yuzu, furitake

Canape powerhouses on marble | Gastronomy

STYLING | Cutlery, Platters & Food Station design

Marble is so in right now and not just for interior styling, but also for events. Using marble to style your catering can help add a level of luxury and sophistication to any event menu. A marble feasting table or platter for canapés can elevate the look from great to exceptional. The pale background also allows the food to truly pop (perfect for ‘gramming’). Marble is chic, timeless and it’s not looking like it’s going anywhere, anytime soon.
Wooden Cutlery
For many years at Gastronomy, we have used wood as our staple go-to for backgrounds, platters and food station styling. However, as timber has made way for marble in that regard, we have been using wooden cutlery to keep a small rustic element in our styling. At the moment, we are loving Scandi-inspired all-wood cutlery sets as well a gorgeous set of 1920’s wooden-handled and copper utensils.

Tuna canape on wooden spoon | Gastronomy
Togarashi spiced Yellow fin tuna sashimi, yuzu, furitake served on wooden spoons


At Gastronomy, we love creating beautiful experiences for our clients – flavoursome menus, gorgeously presented with stunning table-top styling.
An on-trend menu is the idyllic ice-breaker and by focussing on the overall combo of flavour, presentation and styling you can take your event from zero to social media hero #grammablecatering #ontrend #catering2017
Image credit: Anson

Guest post by Marcus Longinotti

Marcus Longinotti is the Creative Director at Gastronomy, the art and science of food – one of Sydney’s leading event caterers. Marcus LOVES working with clients to create an experience that will stay in the hearts and minds of their guests – as well as reach far and wide on social media. 

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