The Key Players: Who does it take to create a successful event?

When planning a company networking dinner, product launch, gala event or a full-blown brand activation, there are some key players you need on board. 
In fact, there are three integral roles needed to create the perfect, seamless, successful event… It’s time for you to meet: The Event Designer, The Event Planner and The Event Manager.
Thought they were all the same person? Think again. 
Whilst their roles do occasionally overlap, each of these three beautiful beings has a unique, fresh perspective to bring to your event and with their professional skills and abilities, not a (c)hair will be left out of place.
Let me break down that lingo and explain why each and every one of these people is not only integral, but when on board with your event, will ensure everything goes to plan. 

The Event Designer

Way back when your event concept was a loose brief or simply some objectives, there was the Event Designer. It is in their fertile mind that the ovum of opportunity met the wriggling tadpole of innovation in a momentous explosion of Eventception.
Your Event Designer is the captivating storyteller who dreams up the perfect experience, amplifying your brand or product in a targeted and inspiring way. The Event Designer plans every element of your project to revolve around and touch back to The Idea, ensuring consistency and success.
Event Designers are typically colourful, creative sorts; their minds incubating countless clever ideas that will bring your event to life. 

The Event Planner

In comes the left brain to pick up all the toys on the floor, put together the timeline and manage the budget. 
Coordinating the venue, caterers, equipment hire and contractors, the Event Planner loves ticking all the boxes. They are also the one who ensures that insurance, OH&S and legal requirements are met, along with security, first aid and risk management.
Your Event Planner is the responsible one who gets it done on time, on budget and on-trend.

The Event Manager

Holding all the parts together is the trusty and reliable Event Manager. They are the guardian angel watching over your event from inception to the debrief and every stage in between. They are there to hold the Event Designer in check, make sure that their spectacular vision can be achieved within the Event Planner’s budget. They are also the number one support system for the Event Planner and will swoop in as an extra head or pair of hands when help is required.
The Event Manager is your ultimate problem solver, the troubleshoot guide to a healthy event.

Put them all together and what do you get?

Whilst a single superhuman-event-extraordinaire could pull it off alone – wearing all three hats at different stages of the event process – this person is usually manic and in a state of constant stress. 
To avoid event burnout and ensure the very best results for our clients, here at ENGAGE we have those roles covered – by three different people. Each role requires a unique set of skills and we find that by working together as a cohesive team, we can create the most exceptional and successful projects from start to finish. Stress free. Now, doesn’t that sound awesome?
ENGAGE at work planning events
ENGAGE at work... Can you guess who plays which role?

Guest post by TJ Carroll | Director at ENGAGE

TJ Carroll is the Director at ENGAGE, Melbourne’s premier boutique event designer. She believes there’s no point putting on your best bikini if you’re not going to make a splash. ENGAGE helps brands strut their stuff and be the peacock amid a sea of mangy pigeons. Top tier events are their specialty and they ensure that key objectives are met, touch points are on-brand and that their client's brand personality shines through. Memorable events don’t ‘just happen’.