Event Showcase: Pro-Health at Luna Park Sydney's Big Top

Event venues, hotels and suppliers generally get pretty excited when they hear that Business Events Sydney is pitching for a large scale incentive event to come to town. The promise of large gala dinners, spin-off events and activities gets everyone vying for a piece of the pie. 
This year, Pro-Health, one of China’s fastest growing direct selling companies, decided to host its incentive program in Sydney.  Luna Park Venues was particularly excited when they got the job of hosting a gala dinner for 4000 delegates as part of the program. 
This week we take a look at how Luna Park Venues provided a spectacular location for entertaining the large group and created an atmosphere for celebration and fun. 

The event

Pro-Health flew over 4000 of their top distributors from China to Sydney for a five-day program in September 2014.  The group came in waves of about 600 guests at a time. They spent the event period visiting Sydney and NSW’s iconic attractions, including team building on Bondi Beach, a sustainability walk in the Blue Mountains and, of course, the gala awards dinner at Luna Park.

The venue

Luna Park Sydney’s Big Top was the ideal venue for this event due to the iconic location, large capacity and entertainment options right on Sydney Harbour. 
The guests arrived courtesy of Captain Cook Cruises, which delivered them right to Luna Park Wharf. The journey itself adding to the experience and highlighted one of Sydney’s biggest attractions – Sydney Harbour! 
Luna Park naturally lends itself to an atmosphere of FUN - colour, lights, rides and that iconic smile on arrival!  To get guests in the mood for their celebration, they were dressed in cowboy and cowgirl outfits and were greeted by dancing kangaroos. The roving entertainers ensured that by the time the guests arrived at the Big Top, they were ready to party.
The Big Top provided the perfect backdrop for Pro-Health’s entertaining celebration, which included a range of high-energy performances spruiking the company’s vitality and growing sales power of health products. 
The main auditorium, with its built-in stage, was perfect for the live entertainment during the award ceremony and the 1500sqm of open floor space, plus the addition of the mezzanine level, accommodated 600 guests each night of the program. 
To win the bid, Luna Park Venues provided a comprehensive package that included the stage, lights, curtains, furniture, an AV package, gourmet food and beverage, security, staff, cleaners, waiters and complimentary performers to interact with guests each night. Their AV partner for the event, Microhire, was instrumental in making the event production seamless.

Event Birdie - Luna Park welcomes Pro-Health event

Pro-Health at Luna Park Sydney Big Top venue

Gala dinner at Luna Park Sydney's Big Top venue

Entertainment spectacular at Luna Park for Pro-Health event

Pro Health guests cheers to a great event

Capturing the moment!

Oneill Photographics, had the pleasure of capturing the group’s activities over their entire stay in Sydney. Event organisers always want that iconic ‘group shot’, but how do you achieve that when there are so many guests?! Check out this short video which shows just how Oneill Photographics captured Pro-Health’s group shot at Sydney Opera House…

Pro Health Group from Shane O'Neill on Vimeo.

Now, we’d love to hear from you! Have you attended or planned an exceptional incentive event? If so, let us know in the comments below - what was your most memorable experience?