Event Showcase | A VIP Sunset Dinner at Gunners Barracks

On a gorgeous evening in November, 35 VIP Guests were invited to enjoy a sunset dinner in one of Sydney’s most remarkable harbour venues, Gunners Barracks. The evening was designed to showcase what the venue had to offer to corporate event planners, but it did much more than that… 
The guests – all members of our new Event Birdie VIP Guest List - had to opportunity to not only experience the venue, but also relax, enjoy some amazing moments and network with each other. I personally was blown away by how awesome the people that attended were and as the sole founder (and for the most part, the only employee of Event Birdie), I was really taken back by how much each guest appreciated being invited to this event and the kind feedback they had about Event Birdie. It was very humbling and encouraging. It’s so easy as a small online business owner to wonder – is anyone out there? 
Well for me, this event was a wake-up call – there are at least 35 super awesome people that love what we do. Thank you! 
But enough self-reflection and thank yous, let’s take a look at this event in a little more detail - from the fluttering pre-dinner drinks, to making cocktails, to enjoying a delicious dinner with new friends… this was one of the most relaxing and nicest showcase events we’ve ever been to…

The Venue

Gunners Barracks is perched up high on George’s Heights in Mosman, surrounded by bush land and overlooking the most impressive Harbour in the world. The sandstone building is the old Gunners Barracks and its historic past, along with its stylish chandeliers and furnishings, make this an ideal space for entertaining special guests. 
For this event we were set-up on the Harbour Terrace, a covered alfresco area which is fully protected from the elements and can be used all year round. 
We mingled around the beautifully set long table (check out those flowers by Susan Avery – gorgeous!), listening to smooth tunes by twentysomethings (supplied by Funkified Entertainment) and enjoying some delicious canapes – all watching the sun set over the city… could it be any more relaxing? 
While chatting to two lovely guests about how we’re all slightly afraid of birds, and how ironic for me as my business is called “Event Birdie”… 
SWOOOOSH…. *screams* - erupting in chatter and laughter!
A brazen local kookaburra had swooped in and stolen my half-eaten canape right out of my hand! Talk about a flutter of excitement! Want a true-blue Australian experience at your event – Gunners Barracks is the place!
VIP Sunset Dinner and Guests

The Entertainment

As if watching the sunset while enjoying canapes, champagne and listening to twentysomethings wasn’t enough, the team at Gunners Barracks had arranged for Fabio Carnevali of The Sydney Mixologists to teach us how to make a “proper” mojito – apparently, we’ve been doing it all wrong! 
This was a fun and easy experience for everyone to enjoy. 

Cocktail Masterclass | The Sydney Mixologists

The Food

If you’ve ever been to an event at one of Grand Pacific Group’s venues then you will know that the food is always, ALWAYS fabulous! Fresh, delicious and generous. 
On this particular evening it was no different and Chef Nathan Darling, treated us to a rave-worthy menu including a choice of two amazing desserts that had the table divided on which was best…  

Chocolate fondant, cornflake ice cream & chocolate crumble
Pavlova, watermelon, pineapple, lychee & coconut

Sunset Dinner | The Food

Final word….

Hosting showcase events where guests can relax and enjoy themselves is a fine art… The hospitality provided by the team at Gunners Barracks was nothing short of amazing. The event was relaxed, fun and memorable – they showcased their venue by doing what they do best... hosting great events! 

If you plan events for a living and love checking out venues and suppliers, make sure you sign up to the Event Birdie VIP Guest List – we’d love to meet you at an event sometime soon! 
Suppliers involved in this event:
Venue & Catering | Gunners Barracks
Cocktail Masterclass | The Sydney Mixologists