Event styling trend: Raw Coastal

We are delighted to showcase one of the season’s latest styling trends for events and weddings– Raw Coastal. Brought to us by Decorative Events and Exhibitions, Raw Coastal is perfect for the spring & summer seasons. This look has a natural elegance that feels relaxed and contemporary. 

How do you create the look?

To create this look the team at Decorative Events and Exhibitions combine natural materials such as wood, rattan, cotton, cane and wicker.
The colour pallet remains natural too, giving a light and breezy feeling to the event space. By adding a pop of acid yellow, the event space becomes fun and summery. 
Layering, as with all modern styling trends, is important. Using a combination of natural materials and playful patterns, the elements of this look come together effortlessly. Soft candle light and low-hanging lighting will also help to give the event space a romantic atmosphere. 

Event styling trends - Raw Coastal

Event styling trends - Raw Coastal cocktail set up

Event styling trends - Raw Coastal dinner party

Event styling trends - Raw Coastal sitting area

Event Styling - Raw Coastal details

Event styling trend - Raw Coastal - Lounge Area
Images provided by the talented Harustudio for Business

What type of events is the look good for?

Raw Coastal is a versatile look that works well for both daytime and evening events. Here are a few suggestions for events that could adopt this style perfectly. 
Cocktail parties where you want to create a relaxed, yet sophisticated ambiance.
Christmas parties - add a few festive touches, such as bright yellow and gloss white baubles and a pared back timber tree and viola, you’ve got a Raw Coastal Christmas!
Intimate summer lunch or dinner events where you want your guests to feel instantly relaxed, and yet as if they have been invited to an exclusive gathering in the Hamptons. 
Beachside weddings looking to create a resort style feel for a sophisticated summer wedding reception.
Incentive & inbound events for international guests would also benefit from this style, as it offers a unique contemporary take on the Australian summer without being too cliché. 

What type of venues does this style suit best?

From roof tops, to courtyards and light-filled event spaces, the Raw Coastal look can be quite versatile. However, if you’re looking to make the most of the look, venues by the Harbour, beach or any waterside are perfect.

Many of Sydney's venues would be ideal, we think Sydney Opera House’s Opera Point Marquee or the Poolside Café at Andrew Boy Charlton would be perfect.

We absolutely LOVE!

We LOVE those Rattan Decorative Peacock Love Seats – available in white and natural. Woudn't it be lovely to be sitting on one of these at an event this summer, cocktail in hand!

Words to describe the look, Raw Coastal?

Hamptons-inspired, chic, summery, natural, modern, coastal, contemporary, organic, earthy, fun playful and beachy.

How can you get the Raw Coastal look for your event?

If you’re keen to get this look for your event or wedding, be sure to contact the team at Decorative Events and Exhibitions for a consultation on how they can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests to enjoy this summer.
Take a look at their website for their Raw Coastal story board and product list.