Event Trends - what's hot in Audio Visual in 2015

Creating engaging content for events will again be a primary focus for event planners in 2015. Simply conveying messages to the audience is no longer enough - there is now a movement towards creating an immersive and interactive experience for the audience.
To assist event planners in the delivery of their messages, Audio Visual companies are utilising a number of very exciting technologies. This week we catch up with a few of our awesome AV suppliers to find out what is HOT in audio visual in 2015!


4K resolution, also called 4K, is the latest in high-resolution technology. 4K refers to video signals or images with a horizontal resolution of roughly 4,000 pixels, producing a superior display to HD (High Definition). Known as Ultra-High-Definition, 4K has been adopted by the cinema industry and is now available in television screens for consumers.
With this many pixels available, presentation and live event designers are able to produce and display stunning high-resolution images in ways never before possible. Without getting too techy on you, Mario Valenti from Haycom explains, “the challenges posed by this increase in pixels will be the size of the presentation files, the power of the computers required to run them and ensuring the signal path from source to screen is capable of handling the required bandwidth.”
Mario notes that “In the live events industry we need to be able to deal with any resolution thrown at us and, as such, Haycom is in the process of upgrading its projectors and signal paths to be able to handle these new resolutions.”
With such a crisp, ultra-high-definition image, guests will feel as though they are being immersed in the vision. This technology is perfect for showcasing video content and we can see it being a must-have for product launches and important presentations.


AirScan gives event planners the ability to turn almost any surface into a multi-touch interactive surface, bringing large-scale touch interaction to your events and presentations. LED screens, large projections and many other display technologies take on a new life where they are no longer in the background. You can now interact directly with the content that is being displayed and manipulate this in real-time!
Jeremy Koch from Innovative Production Services explains, “It can be used to detect where someone is standing on stage. You can have a presenter advance slides with simple ‘forward’ and ‘backward’ swipe gestures similar to a phone or tablet device. Videos and photos can be repositioned or zoomed in and out. Virtual buttons can be pressed. The possibilities are limitless!”
AirScan is best suited to presentations and conferences that demand the “WOW” factor. Check out Jeremy demonstrating the technology at a recent event here:

Innovative Production Services are currently the only AV Company with this technology in Australia.


Musion is one of the most exciting technologies for live events. This 3D holographic projection technique allows event producers to create unique content to excite and thrill audiences. It is best understood by watching the demo video below. 

Musion Showreel from Haycom on Vimeo.

You may have also seen this technology in action recently at the Australian Open, when Novak Djokovic rocked it out with Keith Urban.

Although Musion has been around for a few years now, we predict that this technology will be in high demand for events in 2015 as event producers look to create unforgettable experiences for their clients.

Tanya Brown from Haycom says, “Musion can work for a variety of different events, from product launches where you can display your product in a large format; to live streaming of a CEO or a celebrity who cannot be present at the event.”
In the last few years, Musion ‘resurrection’ events have become very popular. This involves using historic footage of a person from the past to bring them back for one last show. These events use Musion technology, together with clever creative sound editing, motion-capture techniques and even CGI. 
Many people would be familiar with the Coachella music festival - in 2012 Tupac made a spectacular appearance through Musion technology! However, where Musion events really come alive, are when you have the addition of a live presenter up on stage interacting with a product or virtual presenter/performer. This helps to ‘humanise’ the technology and really does wow audiences.
Haycom are currently the only AV Company in Australian with this technology.