Five real life examples of awesome event production

We love seeing real life event examples. Forget mock-ups or staged photo shoots, we want to see how event planners have implemented technology, products and design into their actual, real life events.
We know you love this too, so this week we’re sharing five real-life event examples from production company, Haycom. Haycom are an Audio Visual and Production company based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide… and working on events Australia-wide. Their main purpose is providing the technical side of things for events – audio, visual, lighting and staging.
Haycom specifically focus on corporate events such as gala dinners, awards, presentations, product launches and conferences. They have chosen the examples below to showcase a combination of event styles, technology and a few situations that presented some tricky challenges needing technical solutions. Not only did Haycom solve any issues that arose, but they delivered rave-worthy results for their clients too. Sound good? Let’s take a look…

1. An intimate farewell dinner with exceptional results

Event: Farewell Dinner for high profile Chairperson 
Date: August 2016
Venue: The State Theatre Sydney
Guest #: 70
Brief: Create a beautiful, intimate dinner to farewell a prominent Chairperson. Compliment the venue.
Unlike most of Haycom’s work, for this event the client engaged Haycom to produce and design the entire look-and-feel of the event, including the styling. 
The dinner was held on stage, creating an instant highlight for guests. 
To create the intimate and theatrical atmosphere the stage was enclosed with red velvet draping. Old fashioned Hollywood lighting props were installed to add to this effect. Haycom then designed a gorgeous table setting with crystal glassware, romantic florals, premium linen, along with opulent table numbers. 
Technology wise, some clever lighting was put in place to highlight the venue’s features and add to the exclusive experience. Plus, they ensured the string quartet had perfect amplification [a wise choice for a large space].
Client feedback...
"The feedback from last night has been nothing less than EXCEPTIONAL, WOW and how will this be topped! A big thank you for executing my vision and what was a fitting send off."

An intimate farewell dinner with exceptional results


2. Super cool hologram technology used to launch a product

Event: HP National Product Introduction
Date: June 2016
Venue: The Ivy Ballroom
Guest #: 200
Brief: Find an innovative way to showcase the Spectre, the thinnest laptop on the market (at the time).
The client came to Haycom after discovering Musion on their website. Musion, is a holographic projection technology and it is pretty darn cool [check out this video of Musion to see it in action – sorry, there is no video from this event]. 
Due to the venue having a fairly low ceiling height and minimal rigging opportunities, Haycom designed and built a from-the-floor solution. Watch-out technology was used to run all the content and that allowed them to time the presentation with cued presenter prompts, as the presenter can’t actually see the hologram next to them on stage. They also added a full length, white borderless screen to add depth and dimension to the stage. 
Was the client happy? Yes, indeed – in fact, they even won an award for this event!

Super cool hologram technology used to launch a product

3. Mixing it up for a long-term repeat event

Event: John Eales Medal
Date: October 2016
Venue: The Ballroom at Events at ATC, Randwick
Guest #: 550
Brief: Design a unique stage set, with multiple screens, creative lighting and live-to-
screen video at the event and webcast.
Haycom have delivered this event for eight years and each year set to work on creating a new look for the stage design and presentation screens. For this event there is a strong focus on designing creative lighting for the stage and room, plus the need for a separate stage for the band with its own stage backdrop and lighting. 
For the main stage, Haycom used 4K high resolution monitors and created a professional and modern look that worked with the low ceiling height at the venue. 

They also included a 3-camera shoot that went live to screen and allowed them to give Australian Rugby Union a live feed for their webcast. The event was also recorded for Foxtel, so they could use footage at a later date. 
Project Manager insight...
“Great collaboration between Rugby Union staff and Haycom project management team. Producing another, in a long line of, John Eales Medal events."
Mixing it up for a long-term repeat event


4. Working with natural light and presentations…

Event: Destination Australian Conference for Tourism Australia
Date: March 2017
Venue: Dolton House Hyde Park
Guest #: 300
Brief: To design and execute the annual conference. This event had previously been 
managed by another supplier, in a larger, darker venue. The client wanted to optimised the location (views over Hyde Park) and the natural light, while creating an intimate atmosphere. 

Natural light is wonderful, but it does present some issues, like washing out projection. Haycom came up with a stage design that allowed natural light to flow through the room and used the venue’s blinds behind the content screens to help keep the projection clear and content visible for the audience. 
Client feedback...
"Thanks again for making DestAus17 such a success”.
Working with natural light and presentations…


5. Large screens for beautiful, bright and big ideas

Event: Xerocon South (Part of a global tour for accounting software, Xero)
Date: September 2016
Venue: BCEC
Guest #: 3000
Brief: To work with the event agency to deliver the technical solutions to present the content to a large audience.
Haycom used the largest screen that would fit in the venue and made 2 x custom circular screens for IMAG (camera image to screen) and impact – keeping on brand with the Xero logo.
One of the main challenges was that the event agency was from Sydney with all the pre-production work being done from there, the client’s head office was in Melbourne and the event was executed onsite in Brisbane – communication was key given the three locations.

This was also the first time Haycom had blended 2 x 30K projectors – the highest grade of projectors you could use in Australia at the time. It was to support the client content [designed in-house by Xero] that was bright and beautiful.
Projector Manager insight...
Accounting is boring, right? What a great challenge and result in making it sexy!

Large screens for beautiful, bright and big ideas

Xerocon 2016 | Haycom


Haycom have a varied set of skills – sure, they are super techy and know all the latest products that will enhance your event, but what we liked most from these examples was their approach to design and finding solutions. The results are unique, versatile and functional.
For more information on Haycom you can visit their Event Birdie pages or website for details.