Five Reasons Why Pop-Ups Are The New Must-Have Venue

Finding the perfect venue is typically the first thing on your list when planning an event, but what if the venue you’re looking for hasn’t been created yet? 
Pop-Up’s have been trending in recent years, and can range from quirky playful bars through to cutting-edge fashion runways. Pop-Up’s are an out-of-the-box idea, they push the boundaries, and cause a frenzy of excitement. 
Whether it’s an abandoned alley, underused courtyard, hidden warehouse or a venue that is not typically available for events – a pop-up event space is the new must-have venue and here are five reasons why that’s true…

1. The Exclusivity Of The Time-Ticking Pop-Up Event

It’s a thrilling thought to go to an exclusive event that ‘appeared’ overnight out of nowhere. To walk past a simple garden on your way to work, but find on your return home, the space has suddenly and radically morphed into a kaleidoscope of colour. 
The beauty of these events is that they are for a limited time only and this limited time frame creates exclusivity. Blink and you may miss it!

2. Location, Location Location!

Some of the most interesting locations are often overlooked. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I look at pockets within the city and then fantasise about how perfect that location would be for an event… To transform these “pockets” into an exciting new Pop-Up venue is a bit of a thrill for me. 
Event Designers have the eye to see potential in the most obscure places and transform them into an out-of-this-world event destination that’s not on the menu for anyone else.
That’s why, when its end-of-year party season and all the best venues are booked, you should call on the professional Event Planners to get creative and look that bit further for you… A carpark? A warehouse? A laneway? The options are endless!

Hidden Alleys Make Great Venues
Do you see the potential? [Image from Unsplash | sergee bee]

3. The Ultimate Element Of Surprise

Pop-up events create WOW factor and the ultimate element of surprise. There’s a real buzz when you’re invited to an event that has literally popped up out of nowhere just for you and your guests. You will be standing there in wonder as you try to comprehend just how this random spot has been transformed into an unforgettable space! 

4. Custom Built, One-Of-A-Kind, Limited Edition, Spectacular Event!

Pop-ups are limited edition events. All Pop-ups have been specially designed and custom built to fit into the surroundings to make that space truly special and unique. This is where event designers get to be over-the-top creative and work with the space to create a magical spectacle of an event! 

5. The Flexibility Of Your Own Pop-Up Event

There’s so much flexibility involved in a Pop-Up. The choice of location is endless, giving you potential to find the perfect, customised venue for your needs. 
There’s flexibility in the choice of atmosphere, location and scale. There’s flexibility to go above and beyond in transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary. There’s flexibility in sourcing food and drink options. 
Whether it’s for a product launch, part of a marketing campaign or an incredible end of year celebration, with a Pop-up, the potential is limitless.


I can keep rattling off more reasons why Pop-ups are wonderful, exciting and here to stay. But let’s keep it short and sweet… like the life of the Pop-Up.  These reasons listed come from the heart, and are the reasons why the team at ENGAGE hosts a new EOY pop-up event annually for our clients. We create a new concept, hunt the perfect location and set up the event for just a few weeks! It’s fun, ambitious, and allows our Event Designers to go absolutely bananas with props and decor to truly create a memorable, limited edition event.


Guest post by TJ Carroll | Director at ENGAGE

TJ Carroll is the Director at ENGAGE, Melbourne’s premier boutique event designer. TJ thrives on the challenge of creating and coordinating all facets of experiential events and is passionate about developing new concepts. This year with her team she has created the most exciting end-of-year concept yet, The Royal Parks - a unique pop-up space in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

For more information on ENGAGE or The Royal Parks click through to their Event Birdie pages.