We Like to Party: Five Tips to Hosting a Themed Event

There is no better way of making your event stand out from the crowd and entice guests to participate, than choosing to have a dedicated theme for the night. Whether you’re planning a Spring Carnival after party, a birthday celebration or a corporate end-of-year event, sticking to a theme is a great way to create a cohesive experience from the invitation to dessert. 
Creating themed events is what the team at Merlin Events do best, so we thought we'd put together our top tips for hosting a themed event this party season. Feel free to apply these tips and have a great time!


Choosing a venue that is already themed will not only enhance your atmosphere, but will also ensure big savings! Booking a venue which is already themed takes away the stress of wondering where to start and removes the need to hire or buy those big-ticket items and props. Most importantly it frees up your funds so they can be better spent elsewhere – like on more food and drinks for your guests!
*Check out the news below about our brand-new PARTY venue (launching October 2017)


We all know entertainers can make or break events. Choosing the right entertainment is critical if you want to illicit that “WOW” response from your guests. Sometimes hiring a DJ is enough, but be sure to let them know the theme of your event so they can hint at it throughout the evening with a few subtle, and not so subtle song choices. For example, an Under the Sea themed event at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium isn’t complete without a few classic tracks, like Yellow Submarine. 
But if you’re looking to impress your guests with something more extensive for entertainment, have a chat to the venue team for some suggestions. Chances are they will have seen it all before and can easily made recommendations from their list of supplier contacts. Additional entertainment may include roving actors or entertainers to suit your theme or a themed photo booth, GIF machine or media wall.

Themed entertainment


The theme doesn’t have to stop at your venue and entertainment, unique food and drink options can really add the wow factor and show your guests that you have gone that extra mile. Easy ways to theme your food and drink options include having a signature cocktail (a martini is a great addition to a Casino Royal theme), a themed food station (think Oyster Bar for an Under the Sea theme) or an interactive food station (like a sizzling BBQ for an Aussie theme). Talk to your caterer or venue to get some ideas on how to be creative with your theme and still provide a delicious menu everyone will enjoy.


The most cost-effective way to complete the perfect themed event is to have your guests do it for you. Given a little inspiration guests can embody your theme with their costume - and you’ll be surprised at how far many will go to get the perfect look. Encourage your guests to dress up by running a best dressed competition or supply them with a few key props as they enter the venue. 

Themed Events - Guests get involved


Finding the perfect date within the party season can be tough – there is simply so much going on! Most people will try to book the popular Fridays in late November and December, but theses book up fast, so it’s easy to miss out on the perfect venue for your theme. To ensure maximum attendance we recommend you avoid booking your event on the peak dates. This means your event invitation will not be competing with all the other events your guests may be invited to. Choosing a mid-week date is a great way to ensure you get your venue of choice - it’s party season after all, and people are excited to get out any night of the week. 


Here at Merlin Entertainments we are excited to announce our brand new themed PARTY experience. Located within Madam Tussauds, this new event space is the perfect venue for a celebrity themed event.
Guests can make their way through the striking entrance tunnel and have their red-carpet GIF snapped with Ryan Gosling, before stepping aboard Sydney's most luxurious pontoon party to sip cocktails with their favourite celebrities at the bar.
From there, they can dance the night away to the beats of their favourite DJs and take snaps with A-listers against a backdrop of the gorgeous Sydney Harbour at night. We’ve even got an interactive firework display, which your guests control through motion gesture – it’s very cool!
Guests can also get up close and personal with the charming Matty J from the Bachelor, in the all-new augmented reality (AR) experience.
PARTY floor plan

PARTY experience at Madam Tussauds Sydney


Whatever the theme for your party, remember this - if you have fun putting it together, your guests are sure to enjoy it too!  Our friendly Merlin Events team love helping clients create themed events that are exiting, immersive and fun. From the very first point of contact, to getting into the taxi at the end of the night, our amazing events team will be right there with you handling every single aspect of your event to ensure you and your guests have the party of the century.

Guest post by Kirsty Esson | Event Sales Manager, Merlin Events

Kirsty loves her job. From working with wild animals, sea creatures and celebrities, no day is the same at Merlin Entertainments. Her love of creating an exceptional experience for her clients is made easy by working in such amazing and unique venues. When Kirsty isn’t planning events, she loves to face paint in her spare time and help out amazing charities like Merlin’s Magic Wand.

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Header image: Photo by Greg Ortega on Unsplash