Theme it… Game of Thrones style!

Introducing a new blog topic: ‘Theme it…’. Every few weeks we are going to challenge an industry professional to come up with their most creative event design ideas to a given theme. It will be a chance for them to forget about the budget and let their creative side go wild!

The rules are simple – there are no budget constraints, be as creative as possible, stick to the theme, find a real location and the laws of physics still apply. 

This week Event Birdie is taking the challenge! With its much anticipated new season about to be begin, what better theme to get creative with than Game of Thrones?!
The brief: create a banquet for 100 lucky fans invited to celebrate the launch of Game of Thrones season four. 

The ultimate Game of Thrones venue

With its Seven Kingdoms, Game of Thrones presents us with many options and theming ideas for our banquet. We are after something quite dramatic, so we are kicking that evil Joffrey off his throne and borrowing the Great Hall (aka the Throne Room) in King’s Landing.
Choosing the right venue is important here - think high ceilings and magnificent stone walls. A plain old function space will not do, however lucky for Sydney-siders there are a number of buildings in town that could help set the scene.
Our favourite would have to be Cell Block at the National Art School (pictured below), which would be perfect for the 100 lucky guests we’re inviting along! With its sandstone walls and dramatic high ceilings, this former prison block is now a fantastic event space and would be ideal for what we have planned.

Cell Block Theatre Event Space
*Image provided by Laissez-faire Catering.

Setting the scene

On entering the large entrance way, guests will be greeted by the Kingsguard standing to attention. A red carpet lined with fire torches will lead guests to the outdoor reception area. Surrounded by more fire torches, guests will be entertained by a snake charmer, sword swallower and musicians – playing of course, the soundtrack to the series. Pig and lamb spits would be rotating nearby, sending wafts of roasting meat and wood smoke towards the guests.
Chairs with rich-coloured cushions and fabrics, along with Persian rugs on the ground would be used to create a luxurious seating area for pre-dinner drinks and later in the evening for guests who need a break from the Great Hall.
A large bronze gong would chime to signify guests should move indoors for the feast.
The Great Hall would be lined with two long banquet tables running the length of the hall, leaving room for a dance floor area in front of the stage. Hanging from the ceiling would be red banners with gold trim, while boar and stag heads would line the lower walls. A large feature glass window would be projected onto the back wall.
To really get the fans excited, a replica of the Iron Throne would be placed centre stage – microphones implanted into the throne would allow the speaker to sit in the chair to address the room without holding a mic – very commanding.
The raw wooden tables would have wax-dripping candles down the middle of the table, leaving room for platters of food to be placed.

A feast fit for a King (or seven)

Guests would be served by an army of waiters that would appear at once with platters overflowing with roasted meats from the spit, whole fish, pots of mussels, roasted vegetables, full pies and loaves of bread. These hearty and meaty dishes would be presented on wooden boards and pewter platters all the way down the table to create the appearance of an over-the-top medieval feast. 

Goblets of wine and pitchers of beer would of course be constantly topped up by waiters scurrying around at the beck and call of guests.

Once the feast is cleared, platters of figs, grapes, cheese and rich fruit tarts would appear the length of the table.

Entertainment and surprise

Just as guests are feeling full and satisfied, a mysterious rushing noise would be heard and the candles on the table would extinguish. Using state-of-the-art projection we would bring the show’s dragons to life by creating a dramatic production on the walls and ceiling of the room. Guests would be spell-bound as dragons soar through the windows and circle the guests, breathing fire and roaring loudly. In a cloud of smoke the band would appear and start playing while the dragons keep circling silently above.

Game of Thrones Style

So there you have it, Event Birdie’s take on a Game of Thrones themed event.

What would you do? What would be your key styling, menu and entertainment ideas to match this theme? Do you know a more suitable venue? We’d love you to share your ideas with us below or over on our Facebook page. (No spoilers please!)