Five fab gift ideas for Event Planners

As Christmas approaches (rather speedily), it’s time to think about presents! Obviously, it’s not the only thing that’s important this time of year, but giving and receiving is certainly a bonus of the silly season.
Finding the perfect gift to give someone who works in the events industry, we think, is pretty easy – tools to keep us organised or help us out when we're on the run or experiences to help us relax and enjoy the off-season… not hard at all!
We’ve put together our top five gifts that we think are perfect for people who work in events. Share this list with your family and friends or shout yourself a treat… you deserve it!

#1 Amelia Lane Life Designer

If you work in the events industry you probably describe yourself as a born organiser. Someone who loves writing a list, keeping track and making plans. So, what better gift than a really awesome planner.
We absolutely LOVE Amelia Lane’s products and think you will too. The 2018 Amelia Lane Life Designer is even MORE beautiful than their first release in 2017. It's also a super practical planner which helps you maintain an organised, productive and balanced life. The planner is a ‘whole of life’ concept - with separate sections covering your weekly schedule and to-do lists, vision boards and goal-setting, nutrition and fitness, finances and everything in between!

The new 2018 edition has a page-per-day design, including Saturday and Sundays - which is a fantastic addition for busy event and wedding planners.
There are two editions available - Desktop and Compact. Take a look at the links to see exactly what’s included, but honestly, once you start using a planner like this there’s no going back to a boring old diary or note pad.
Amelia Lane Life Designer 2018

P.S. We are gifting these to a few people this year (including ourselves!), the only issue we have with them is that all the covers are so amazing we had trouble choosing!

#2 Orbitkey - More than just a key ring!

We were introduced to this product via a friend who had supported their intial Crowd Funding project. We jumped on board for round #2 and absolutely LOVE this product! To solve the issue of jingly keys or keys scratching their phone while in their pocket, two Melbourne-based designers came up with a solution - the Orbitkey.

We love this product for event professionals because not only is it a cool, simple design, but they've built in an extra multi-tool that makes it perfect for the event pro on the run. The multi-tool includes a bottle opener, multi-size hex wrench, box cutter, flat-head screwdriver and file. And you can even add on an 8GB or 32GB USB. All in a super simple design that slips into your pocket or handbag!


P.S. It comes in loads of different colours and materials to match almost anyone's style - perfect for  ladies and gents!

#3 Tickets to an event… 

During the busy season event planners often miss out on attending social events with their friends due to work. So, when the work load is quiet (January!) it’s the perfect time to treat event professionals to an event that is not their own.

There are loads of great things to attend during the summer like outdoor cinemas, the stellar Sydney Festival program or the Australian Tennis Open.

#4 Day Spa Voucher

This is not just one for the ladies… guys love a massage too. A voucher to spend some time relaxing at a Day Spa is the perfect gift for event professionals who are always on their feet and working at a manic pace. Event Coordinator is often voted in the top ten stressful careers, so do your event buddy a favour and help them to relax. 
Endota is a great place for vouchers as there are so many locations around Australia. We’re also massive fans of SpaQ (lux-urrrr-reeeey!).

#5 A Minimergency Kit

The crew at Pinch Provisions must have worked in events before launching this business, because these fab little emergency kits for him and her, are an absolute essential for an event planner!
Packed in a cute little case is everything you might need when you find yourself on the go and in an emergency (eek!). The type of emergency when your event is about to start and you realise you’ve lost a button, or you’ve scuffed your shoes, or you’ve lost an earring back, or have bad breath… The Minimergency Kit will save the day!
Have a browse of their fab range which is currently stocked at Seed – this is a great Secret Santa or stocking filler for an events pro!
Minimergency kits for event planners

Merry Christmas!