How to Choose a Venue for a Product Launch

When choosing a venue for a product launch or brand activation there are a few key features that event planners tend to look for. For some, they start off looking for an event space that matches their brand style, but that can be tricky – the perfect venue to match a brand’s style rarely exists and if it does, many find that the venue is either too small, too big or not in the right location to work. 
If it’s your first time planning a product launch or you’re struggling to find a space that works perfectly then do not sweat, we’re here to help!
We recently caught up with the team from Melbourne’s, ZINC at Federation Square – the recent winners of SPICE HOT 100 for Best Venue for a Product Launch - to find out what you should look for when choosing for a venue to host a product launch. 
Here are 7 features that they believe venues must-have to ensure your brand and products shine! 

1. Central Location for Easy Access

If you want Media and Buyers to attend your Product Launch you need to ensure they can get to the venue with ease. For most, this is looking for a CBD venue that has parking onsite and convenient public transport access. 

2. Blank Canvas/ Clean Space

The standard terminology in the event industry is to describe a venue as a “blank canvas”, but we recently heard the term “clean space” and think we rather like that better to describe the perfect style of venue for a product launch. 
A clean space, is crisp, free of distinctive embellishments and decorated in neutral colour tones. This allows you to then “paint” your brand into the space. Project onto the walls, use removeable stickers or simply allow the props and products you bring into the to “pop” against the neutral background. 

3. Natural Light

Natural light is a must for daytime events and for pre-event photography shoots*. The more natural light the better!
*Arranging for a photographer to come shoot your products before the event starts is a great idea to maximise the effort put into the set-up. 

4. Ability to Black Out

Whether your event is held during the day or evening, the ability to black out any external light from the venue is a must-have to optimise for projection and production elements.  

5. Ability to Reveal

When launching a brand-new product, the ability to create a “reveal” during the evening is a great bonus! 
Many event planners find themselves rigging up a truss in which to hang a curtain to drop… but not at ZINC! They have a curtain line perfectly positioned between the arrival drinks area and the main event space. 


6. Car & Vehicle Access

If only we had a dollar for every time someone has asked for a venue that has access to drive in a car… car launch or not! 
Finding a venue that allows cars to be driven into a venue is a big plus. It’s also wise to choose a venue that will allow vehicles to get easy access to the venue for set-up and pack down – no one wants to be carrying the products from the car park down the street! 


7. Flexible Catering to Enhance the Product/ Brand/ Theme

Don’t forget to ask about the catering when choosing a venue. A lot of event planners think they need the flexibility of being able to bring along their preferred caterer to a venue to get exactly what they want, but that is not the case. 
These days most in-house catering teams at venues are exceptional and relish in the opportunity to be creative. Make sure you ask in the proposal stage whether the venue’s catering team can prepare a themed menu, branded items or food stations to compliment your company’s style. 

BONUS Feature #8: Complimentary Surrounding Area & Events

Not many venues can offer this, but one feature that sets ZINC at Federation Square apart from others is their iconic location. Being able to utilise Federation Square’s existing and temporary exhibitions and events to align with your brand is a great advantage. Some museums and unique attractions may also be able to offer this feature too. 

Final Note...

If you haven’t guessed by now, ZINC at Federation Square ticks all these boxes and has hosted an array of product launches and brand events, including events for well-known brands like Jaguar, Webber BBQ, Twilio, Rinnai and Beats by Dre to the launch of sporting events like the World Cup of Golf and T20 2020 World Cup. 
The events team at ZINC thrive in helping companies highlight their brand by offering them the chance to showcase their products and services in an environment that allows them to shine. 
For more information on hosting events at ZINC at Federation Square visit their Event Birdie page or their own website,

How to Choose a Venue for a Product Launch | Examples
Images: Examples of product launch events held at ZINC at Federation Square

How to Choose a Venue for a Product Launch | ZINC
Images: ZINC at Federation Square | Melbourne venue for product launches and brand events