How to Host the Best Dressed Event in Town

As the official hotel of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia two years running, Ovolo Woolloomooloo knows a thing or two about how to host the best dressed event in town.
Fashion and Lifestyle events take style and personality to the next level and demand a level of sophistication that can often be overlooked with your day to day corporate functions. The finest details make the world of difference and transform a run of the mill event into something mind-blowing and amazing.

1. First tick has to be location

Always looking to make a new discovery and raise the bar, our fashionistas look for inspiring spaces that ooze creativity and character. Even for something as simple as a model casting or show de-brief a unique backdrop will engage the audience and steer the conversation. Ease of access is key so even for a location that sits outside the CBD you can still be top of the days appointment schedule if you have thought out some fun and easily accessible transport options. Ovolo Woolloomooloo is the perfect drop off point for those who want to treat their guests to a cruise around the harbour on route to an event or for those without good sea legs we partner with Tesla to coordinate everything from airport transfers to VIP chauffeur services.

Best dressed events | location
Ovolo Woolloomooloo has a variety of stylish, quirky and creative spaces for hosting fashion shows, media briefings, client hospitality and photo shoots.

2. Diversity for the win

Offering flexible venue space, services and branding opportunities helps a fashion event extend its marketing reach. Often fashion events take place within a short time frame around the main fashion week and the competition to be ‘noticed’ amongst all the other content is high. Get creative with thinking about how a brand can best showcase itself within your spaces and maximise the potential for memorable activations. Where better to showcase a swimwear or activewear brand than poolside? Also work closely with suppliers to bring together multiple ideas in one place; an activation that captures all the senses has more chance of resonating with people and being memorable.

Best dressed events | diversity

Find a creative space to let your product shine, plus attract and excite the right guests.

3. Comfort (just quietly!)

That’s right sometimes we have to admit that a long day power walking in heels from one event to the next has lost its shine. What better way to show your guests some love than with a stay in Sydney’s number 1 hotel and home of all things fashion? Personalise their stay and create the event within the comfort of their own room; from tailored wardrobes, accessories to look through and luxury cosmetics you can place the products of your event right into their hand at the perfect moment they would need them. Or just leave them to relax and enjoy… everyone loves the event that took good care of them.

Best dressed events | comfort
As if these are not some of the most fashionable hotel rooms you've ever seen! The Ultraroo (pictured bottom left), with its private bar and seating area is also available for event hire... Intimate events done fashionably.

For more information on hosting fashion, brand or product launch events at Ovolo Woolloomooloo click on the links below:

Guest post by Joanna Hillier | Conference and Events Sales Manager at Ovolo Hotels

Since her first foray into hospitality at Walt Disney World Florida in 2009, Joanna has had a keen focus and determination to provide exceptional guest experiences. It's her belief that events are the ultimate communicator of our Brand Values, Product ID and positioning within the market.​
Having worked in the US, UK and now Australia, Joanna can be found zipping around Ovolo Woolloomooloo with a big grin on her face - she loves her job!