How to make a BIG impression at events with food | A contemporary food philosophy

Guest blog by Samantha Valente | Director of Events at The Star

Food: otherwise known as a great human equalizer. Since the beginning of time, breaking bread with another has come to signify community, collaboration and kinship. 
Is it any wonder then, that the coming together over a bite to eat, whether it be a casual sanga’, a home cooked meal or an extravagant feast, is a ritual that’s withstood the test of time? 
As Australia’s largest integrated entertaining and dining complex, the team at The Star’s multi-award winning, world-class Event Centre knows a thing or two about bringing people together to share a meal and a conversation.  But what is it that really sets an event at The Star apart?  
We like to treat each event with a considered approach, inspired by a contemporary food philosophy. To make a BIG impression at events, we believe the menu design and food element plays an integral part.

Here is an insight into our food philosophy for special events.

 1. Treat everyone like a food critic 

Forget everything you know about typical event cuisine. The food revolution is upon us and these days, everyone’s a critic – with the influence and reach to boot. 
Not only do guests now demand variety and quality in the food they receive at events, they also possess the highest of standards when it comes to food provenance and sustainability. It is therefore fundamental to the success of any event that a deep passion and consideration to the menu is taken, and the food and its delivery is treated with the highest regard. 
Over recent years, The Star Event Centre has nailed this approach, working meticulously to deliver a new standard for event cuisine and ensuring the banqueting experience is nothing less than restaurant quality. 


2. Employ a raft of Australia’s leading chefs to shape the menu 

No longer must large-scale conferences and events rely on cookie-cutter ‘meat and veg’ options on the menu. Our world-leading food culture, combined with our coveted geographical location in Asia-Pacific, is prompting a far more progressive approach to conference and event menu development. And at the helm of this evolution is a suite of chefs who are shaking things up for the better.
Bringing fine-dining to events, The Star Event Centre's food and beverage offering has been designed by an enviable line up of Australia's best chefs. Led by Jason Alcock, Executive Chef at The Star Sydney, the menus include dishes designed by chefs from The Star's award-winning signature restaurants - including Dany Karam, Executive Chef at BLACK Bar & Grill; Chase Kojima, Executive Chef and Founder of Sokyo; and Gabriele Taddeucci, Executive Chef at Balla - ensuring the Event Centre continues the same high standard of cuisine and service across The Star Sydney.


3. Provide clients exclusive access to chefs to collaborate on a bespoke event menu 

Just like a cookie cutter menu simply doesn’t satisfy, neither does a ‘copy and paste’ approach to its development. Personalisation is the flavour of the year, and for good reason. Clients want an event that is bespoke and tailored to their own unique objectives and simply won’t settle for less.  
To navigate this, the Star Event Centre provides an unrivalled attention to personalization during the event creation process. For example, clients are invited to visit our world-class Event Centre kitchen and brainstorm ideas with our chefs to design bespoke food and beverage menus that complement their unique vision. 


4. Remember your roots: maintain a commitment to using the highest quality ingredients 

It’s not just about the flavours and recipes – attention must be directed to food quality and provenance to guarantee a positive guest experience. 
Across 19 world-class menus, every meal is created with premium produce.  Taking inspiration from the diverse cultures, experiences and training of our team – the Event Centre offers a wide range of food styles to choose from, including Modern Australian, French, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese. 


5. Don’t forget the theatre (or the detail!)  

While food, wine and entertainment are critical, a memorable night is often made from something less tangible –how the event made you feel. 
At The Star, the team works with each client to tailor each experience so that, whether in a room of one hundred or one thousand, the team knows who is serving each dish at every seat in the room.  
To help achieve this, The Star Event Centre maintains a boutique restaurant mentality and delivers it on a mega scale. The unique, synchronized service creates a ‘communal’ group dining experience where no guest is made to feel like they are forgotten. 

The Theatre of Food at The Star Sydney

Large scale Gala Dinner at The Star Sydney

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Guest post by Samantha Valente | Director of Events at The Star

An Event Specialist with 8 years’ experience in Event Management, Experiential & Brand Marketing and Venue Operations, Samantha has worked on major entertainment events such as the ARIA and AACTA’s Awards, as well as global brands like Microsoft and Activision. Currently leading a large team at The Star Sydney, implementing all event elements across property within our Restaurants, Bars and the multi-purposed Event Centre.