How to make your Christmas Party Pop!

Planning a staff or client Christmas party that is guaranteed to excite and please everyone attending may seem like a dauting task. Trying to find the perfect venue that has great catering, looks good and is easy to get to, all whilst trying to stick to the company budget is a challenge even the best event planners can struggle with.  
But fear not party planners, we’re here to help you with a little secret party planning advice that if followed, will ensure your party pops without exhausting yourself (or the budget!). 
The answer is to find a pop-up event space where all the details are taken care of! And we mean EVERYTHING! The styling, decor, catering, bar and entertainment. 
Pop up event spaces are the places where Christmas party planning dreams come true and here are 7 reasons why….

1. Pop up venues are new and exciting!

Who doesn’t want to host their event in a new venue – one that none of their guests have been to before? A pop-up space is the perfect answer – the physical space may have been there a long time, but no one will have experienced it like this before. Plus, why not take the pop-up concept a step further and create an element of surprise for your guests by not revealing to much information about the dining experience or the location of the event. This will truly blow them away when they arrive.

2. The styling and theming are taken care of

Imagine stepping into a fully styled space, where every consideration has been made to ensure your guests are transported to an immersive experience. A space that not only looks awesome but works cohesively from start to finish. And, it’s all exclusive for you and your guests! 
The best thing about a pop-up venue is that you didn’t have to come up with the concept, you didn’t have to engage stylists to pull it together, or be onsite hours before the event to ensure the bump-in goes to plan. 
INSIDER TIP: For those of you planning events in Melbourne, you’ll be delighted to know the team at Flute Private Dining have created exactly that - an all-inclusive pop-up dining experience available over the festive period. Encompassing a new theme each year, Flute Private Dining is a collaboration of the very best of event specialists. Belinda Fitzpatrick Events have been charged with creating a ‘Sensory Food Experience’ this year that you’re going to love…

Flute Private Dining | Styling

3. The catering is always excellent

When an event space pops up, so too does the level of catering. We can not explain it, but pop-up spaces are notorious for delivering top notch food experiences. 
INSIDER TIP: Event Birdie were delighted to attend the launch of Flute Private Dining recently in foodie-heaven, Melbourne. We received the first insight into the new pop-up concept and were treated to Flute Private Dining’s new menu designed by Executive Head Chef, Paul Griffiths. The dramatic room assures a premium dining experience showcasing a refined menu of upscale seasonal dining were food can truly be the hero. Hear it direct from us - the food experience delivered was exceptional!

Flute Private Dining | Menu

4. The bar is always well stocked

When event organisers decide to set-up a pop-up event space, the bar always appears to be a main feature – even in smaller spaces. Finding a beverage sponsor is a good way for event organisers to keep costs low and for event planners, this means a great bar and beverage offering. 
INSIDER TIP: G.H. Mumm take centre stage at Flute Private Dining, with a custom Mumm Bar being installed into the pop-up event space.  

5. Entertainment is included

Forget trying to source the best DJ, band or roving entertainment yourself, when you choose a pop-up event space, the entertainment suggestions come too! And you can be assured that the event organisers have chosen an entertainment provider that will have a vast range of acts to suit a wide range of audiences – aka crowd pleasers!
INSIDER TIP: Flute have teamed up with Instinct Entertainment & Events to ensure a tailored entertainment solution works seamlessly within the event space. Think a violinist for a dramatic entrance or a well-tuned DJ to get the party started. 

6. You get an amazing experience for a fraction of the cost of going it alone!

Probably the most enticing reason to host your event in a pop-up event space is that you get a lot for your money. By choosing a fully immersive space that is set-up exclusively for functions, event organisers get a dramatic finished product without the hefty price tag. 

7. Pop-up event spaces are more sustainable than you might think

Last, but not least, by sharing the set-up expenses, time and resources to create one event space that is available for several weeks (and multiple events), rather than just one day, it offers a far more sustainable party solution. 
Everyone loves doing their part for the environment. 

Final note...

Choosing a pop-up venue for your Christmas party is a guaranteed way to make your event pop! 
But finding a pop-up event space can be tricky. Pop up event spaces are only around for a limited time and tend to book up quickly.

For those of you looking for a venue in Melbourne for your end-of-year event we recommend you take a look a Flute Private Dining. It’s a pop-up event space in Melbourne’s CBD that is stylish and sophisticated – and changed every year. We thoroughly enjoyed the launch event for the 2018 installation and we know you’ll have a fabulous time too should you choose to book your end-of-year function there. 

About Flute Private Dining 

Flute Private Dining is a collaboration of the very best of Event Organisers including G.H. Mumm, Locanda Restaurant & Bar, Belinda Fitzpatrick Events, Valiant Events, Microhire & Instinct Entertainment. 
Flute 2018 will be built on the basis of minimalism paired with a striking colour palette of high-end hues. Luxurious ambience will encompass a modern design and a festive flavour to create the finest one-of-a-kind private dining experiences. 
The venue is suitable for 80 seated and 100 cocktail. Available only from 23rd November to 25th December this is one venue you don’t want to miss out on in 2018!
Visit Flute Private Dining 2018 for more information about securing a date for your end-of-year function.  

Flute Private Dining 2018