How to Manage Onsite Event Registration like a Pro

If you’re still welcoming guests to your events with a clipboard in hand and a couple of trestle tables full of name badges, STOP RIGHT NOW. 
It’s 2018 and there are products and systems available that can help you manage your onsite event registration like a Pro. The best thing is, most registration systems won’t break the bank AND will save you a lot of time, your mental health and painful paper cuts too. 
To help you register, welcome and track your guest attendance like a Pro, we’ve highlighted below a couple of products that we think are awesome and can help manage the entire registration process or just the elements you need. 

1. Ditch the trestle tables for good with Sprintr by AV1

Sprintr by AV1 is by far the best all-round solution to ditching the trestle tables and presenting a professional welcome to your event.
Sprintr by AV1 provides handy onsite registration kiosks (currently the only of its kind) that integrate your pre-event registration details and allow guests to check themselves in on arrival, print name tags and register additional guests on the day.
One of the best things about the kiosks is that their free-standing design looks great on arrival. The sleek kiosks can be branded or customised to match your event theme. You can even customise the welcome screen and name badges.
Their self-serve nature also means check-in is immediate and simple – all you’ll need is a few people on hand to help those less tech-savvy guests and to give a warm smile as people enter your event.
As for loading your guest list to the software on the day of the event, all you need is an Excel worksheet. The system also integrates with Entegy (an event registration software) and Eventbrite (online ticketing).
Finally, what makes this product our all-round favourite, is that during the event you can instantly view who has arrived and post-event you can export data to report on who attended and when. This can be very useful for post-event communication and planning for your next event. 
For more information on this sleek system, check out the full review we wrote about the Sprintr kiosks here.

Sprintr by AV1 | Event Registration
Image credits: Top Left - Esri Australia | Right - Yaya Stempler | Bottom Left - Oneill Photographics


2. An electronic clipboard works far better than paper & pen…

The next best option for managing your onsite event registration is to use a Guest Check-in App. There are hundreds of Guest check-in apps available that will help you electronically register your guests onsite.

[Check out the details of our favourite check-in apps here]. 
They work best using an iPad, but can also be used on smart phones (although we think phones prove a little too small to be practical for this purpose). Like Sprintr by AV1 mentioned above, they allow you to welcome guests on arrival, electronically register their attendance and add additional guests.
While some offer a name badge printer as an add-on, this doesn’t come as standard. So, in order to avoid having to direct guests to a table full of name badges after checking-in, we think Check-in Apps are best reserved for events that do not require guests to be ‘tagged’.  
Also, like Sprintr by AV1, most guest Check-in Apps will allow you to export data about your guests’ arrival post-event. 


3. Success is all in the lead up to the event

To really master onsite event registration like a Pro, you need to put in the hard yards prior to the actual event – i.e. you need to effectively invite and attract guests to your event and record their RSVPs first. 

If you get this step right, then integrating with an onsite event registration system will be easy and your entire event registration process a dream. 
All of the check-in systems we’ve noted will integrate, at the very least, with an Excel worksheet. However, to really manage your event registration like a Pro, avoid the manual data entry and integrate a product like the ones mentioned below…

1. Entegy

Entegy is an Australian owned and managed event technology company that has a suite of services, including a great registration system. The platform allows you to customise your event registration page, take payments and track attendee metrics. It’s customisable (simply drag and drop) and scalable, which means they can cater to a range of event sizes and styles. 
It also integrates with previously mentioned onsite registration system, Sprintr by AV1.

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is global company leading the way in event ticketing online. It’s free to use, but they take a commission on ticket sales (if your event is free, so is the service – bonus!).  Eventbrite has loads of integrations with other systems (including Entegy & Sprintr by AV1) and is ideal if you want to promote your event on social media platforms to attract registrations. 

3. zkipster

Zkipster is a great system for corporate and VIP events. You can design and send invitations to your guests and then easily track RSVPs and guest requirements leading up to the day. They also have an easy-to-use check-in app which integrates seamlessly with the invitation feature.

4. Paperless Post

Paperless Post is a great solution for private events and smaller, more intimate gatherings. It allows you to send a beautiful electronic invitation (or save the date card) via email and track RSVPs. Their pre-designed cards are great and you can customise some templates with company logos. Their RSVP and guest metrics, however are simple – so don’t expect to track much more than yes/no replies and guests’ dietary requirements. You can however export your data to Excel and integrate with one of the onsite registration systems mentioned above. 


Final Word…

Cost wise, it’s a no brainer – investing in a professional easy-to-use event registration system will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. All of the systems mentioned are fairly in-expensive and will help you create a professional and quality first impression from the moment your guests learn of your event to your post-event communication.