The Importance of Fun at Business Events + 13 Fun Ideas

We recently read an article explaining the benefits of fun in the workplace. There is overwhelming evidence that employees are not only happier (and less stressed), but more importantly they are more productive when their employers inject fun into the workplace. 
Using this same principal, we believe that by injecting some fun into your business events you will see an increase in your attendee’s attention rate, their engagement with the content and their overall satisfaction with the event. 
Engaged + Happy attendees = a successful event.
Business meetings, conferences and events that are held in stale, artificially lit rooms, that drag on for hours are positively boring, uninspiring and most definitely, unproductive. Events like this waste time and money for the business hosting the event.
Most out-of-office events that businesses plan for their employees are designed to stimulate creative ideas, build social connections between colleagues and ultimately inspire employees to work more efficiently for the business – however many miss the mark.
We believe that by injecting some humour and entertainment into your events, you can achieve the core objectives of your event much more successfully.  So, with this in mind we caught up with the fun experts (aka the events team) at one of Melbourne’s most unique and fun venues for events, Luna Park Melbourne to get some ideas on how to add fun to business events.

Here are 13 Fun Things to incorporate into your next Business Event… 

1. A Roller Coaster Ride 

Take the delegates on a roller coaster ride (literally) prior to getting the meeting or event started. Watch their nervous excitement as that take their seats and then hear them laugh and chatter together afterwards. With their minds now fully awake and a sense of adventure stirred, now ask them to sit for a 30 mins presentation or take part in a creative brainstorming workshop.

Roller Coaster Ride

2. Team Trivia

After guests arrive and mingle with some refreshments [in the circus themed foyer], get the guests using their brains with some team trivia. Arrange for a suitable host, such as an eccentric Ringmaster, who is guaranteed to get everyone laughing and participating.

3. Make Fairy Floss

Learning a new skill is always a sure-fire way to get people engaged – especially if it’s learning how to do something fun like making fairy floss. Give your guests a chance to perfect the art of sugar spinning – it’s a bit messy, but delicious fun (and their kids will be jealous when they post a pic on social media).

Making Fairy Floss

4. Amazing Race 

Hosting an amazing race activity is always a great way to get attendees working in teams. Doing it at an amusement park is even more fun. Get teams whizzing around the park with activities set-up at the carnival games… Those milk cans will have them stumped for sure!

5. Take a break outside

Arranging for your conference breaks or lunch to be served outside is a great way to re-energise your attendees. The fresh air and change of scenery will boost momentum for the remaining sessions. 
At Luna Park they like to recommend a BBQ lunch, as it is full of protein and salads to help fill and sustain guests. It’s also delicious, can cater to lots of dietary requirements and is way better than sandwiches. 

Take a break outdoors

6. Add some entertainment to the program

Arranging for some roving entertainers during breaks or at your pre and post-event drinks, is a great way to engage guests, especially those who might need a little help with mingling or getting in the mood. 
Another brilliant idea from the Luna Park team is to arrange for a comedian or performer to come in between the conference sessions. Adding some light-hearted entertainment will get your attendees feeling positive and refreshed, ready to then tackle the next presentation.

7. Choose a unique space

Hosting meetings, conferences or special events in unique venues is a great way to inspire guests. Whether it’s an unusual room design, great views, or a unique atmosphere – give your guests somewhere they can be free to think and be creative. 

Unique venues at Luna Park Melbourne

8. Create your own It’s a Knockout competition

It’s a Knock Out will have everyone participating! This can be set up and operated within teams or individually, dependant on group size.  The Dodgems and High Striker are great to use for such events, as well as incorporating it within a presentation space with further activities and a score board.

9. Host a Luna Bake Off

Using a function space, a mock Bake-Off episode can be created.  Setting up cooking stations for individuals or groups, again dependant on guest numbers. Challenge guests to make fairy floss making, flavoured popcorn, cup cake decorating or mixing up cocktails. If the park is open at the time of the event, food can be offered to visitors to taste and score. Admin staff are also willing to be taste-testers…

10. Crystal Maze Challenge – possibly the craziest idea they came up with!

This idea is based on the 1980’s British Game Show, Crystal Maze.  Normally played in small teams lasting approximately 1 hour, each team must compete in challenges to ‘win time’ in the Crystal Dome.  Where at the final hurdle they must enter the Crystal Dome and collect as many gold tickets as possible in order to win prizes… Sound fun? Read this to get an idea of how fun. It would take a bit to set-up, but the team at Luna Park think they’ve got what it takes… Who’s game?

11. Give your guests unique experiences

One of the Luna Park team’s favourite fun ideas is to organise an evening under the stars… Picture leading your guests up to the Moon Deck… Surrounded by the lights and music of the grounds, this is a magical experience for guests. It’s perfect for either a stand-alone event or a very special surprise following a conference or meeting. 

Moon Deck Luna Park Melbourne

12. Create your own festival

Creating your own festival is a great way to reward staff with a totally fun experience and is ideal for larger companies. It’s also a great idea if you want to organise a fun event for staff and their families.
The Luna Park team can help organise hawker-style food stalls, entertainers and of course, you would have access to all the rides and entertainment. 
We were surprised to discover that hiring the park exclusively for a few hours starts from only $6,000. Creating your own private festival made very easy.

13. Get competitive!

A little light-hearted competitiveness is a great team building experience and competing on carnival rides and amusements, usually means everyone is on a level playing field. 
Challenge colleagues to the Laughing Clowns and Lucky Toss, or jump on the Dodgems to get the boss, or see who can refrain from screaming in the Haunted House… Be creative and most importantly, have some fun. 


If you’re keen to inject some fun into your next event in Melbourne, get in touch with the team at Luna Park. They are the experts that will have your guests laughing and smiling all the way back to the office - and working harder too! For more info on the venue, click on the links below.