Introducing Air Events Global: where clients and freelances meet for casual work

As an Event Planner, how many times have you wished for an extra pair of hands to help out at an event? Or when planning a friend’s baby shower have you ever wondered, “wouldn’t it be great to get someone experienced to help set-up the room and serve the drinks”?
But where do you find a reliable set of hands at the drop of a hat?
This week on the blog we caught up with the founder of Air Events Global, Victoria Garlick who had a light bulb moment that is set to change the way people plan and staff events forever.

In 10 words describe Air Events Global?

A shared economy platform connecting event clients and event freelancers.

How did the business idea come about? What need is it addressing?

The idea of Air Events Global came to me as I was speaking with a group of event management students and a client about casual employment in the event management field. 
The students were discussing how hard it was to juggle studying, part time work and their social lives. They also spoke about how hard it was to find casual work when it suited them - they didn’t like being locked into a fortnightly roster at a retail outlet or restaurant. 
The conversation then changed to the client saying how often they would love to have an extra set of hands at an event and how they could no longer rely on volunteers, as they often didn’t turn up or they didn’t have any ownership or accountability of their work. 
That was my light bulb moment. I realised that I could meet the need of both sides of the marketplace by creating an easy to use platform that would connect the two - Air Events Global.

Who is Air Events Global designed for?

Air Events Global is designed to allow clients (event managers, PR managers, suppliers, venues, party planners, etc) that are looking to outsource casual work to connect with freelancers and event management students who are looking for casual employment. 
Essentially, Air Events Global has been created for anyone planning any type of event, including weddings, corporate and social events. It enables a bride to book a hair and makeup artist for her bridal party, right through to a PR Manager looking for some additional freelancers to help with managing a product launch. The list of possible job opportunities on Air Events Global is endless.

How does it work?

Clients and freelancers can both register at Once registered, clients can post tasks for freelancers to apply for. Each freelancer uploads their online resume and applies for the jobs that suit them best.
A client will typically receive between 10-15 event freelancer applications for each job. They can view the details and decide who is best suited to the task. 
Once confirmed, the client transfers the funds to the Air Events Global secure pay and once the job is complete, the funds are released to the event freelancer.

How much does it cost to use?

There is no cost to the client to use the platform, nor is there an obligation for them to book.
The event freelancer pays a 15% commission to Air Events Global on each job they book. 

Are event freelancers covered by insurance?

We have a $20m PL insurance covering the event freelancers for jobs booked via Air Events Global

What type of work is being posted through the platform?

It is very exciting to see the different types of events coming in! Some of the most popular types of jobs being posted are from event management companies and PR agencies who are hiring event staff to work at their events, product launches, conferences and the like. 
The jobs for freelancers to accept are varied and include tasks such as, helping set up the venue, event registration, working with the Media and VIP’s, running auctions, selling raffle tickets, seating guests, working with the event suppliers, right through to bumping out after the event.
We also have many clients that are booking freelance suppliers such as wedding photographers, MC’s for a corporate event, makeup artists, hair stylists, event decorators, bands, DJs, etc.

When does it go live?

We’ve been using the site offline for about 12 weeks with some of our core partners and freelancers. We’re just finalising some final features and will be launching VERY soon! 

What is your most favourite feature of the product?

We are implementing an on-demand button feature that enables people to book staff last minute. Anyone in the event industry knows that last minute staff is impossible to find, so we are creating a feature within the product that will allow for last minute, on-demand recruiting. 

Where can people register to start using Air Events Global?

Both clients and event freelancers can register their email address at or clients can contact us at with any job listings now to ensure that they are on the site when we launch.

A sneek peek at Air Events Global...

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