Networking Events at AIME 2019 – Double the Action!

Last year we raved about the AIME Welcome Event, but also alluded to our excitement that in 2019, the new event organisers Talk2Media & Events were promising better and more opportunities to network. From our point of view this was an enticing drawcard - we LOVE attending AIME for its networking opportunities. 
So, did they deliver? 
AIME 2019 delivered MORE networking opportunities than previous years. In addition to the popular Welcome Evening, they added an extra networking event on the second night of the program. Furthermore, during the Knowledge Program and the exhibition itself they fostered networking times and areas that were easy and comfortable. 
So yes, they added MORE… but was the quality there? 
As event professionals we are notorious for being picky at events – I’m not sure why, it’s usually such a pleasure to be invited to attend, rather than to plan, that you think we’d be grateful for any sign of hospitality. But then again, we know what makes a good event and love being treated to a great experience… so critics we become. 
With two main networking events to review this year, let’s take a closer look to see if they ticked all the boxes….

AIME Welcome Evening

Hosted at Atlantic Group's, Peninsula Docklands, this was an epic event that did in fact tick all the boxes!


When we arrived (about 20mins after kick-off time), the venue was pumping. Live Japanese taiko drummers, large screens at either end of the venue showing all of the action and styling that made the venue look and feel exciting. The live grill added some heat and smoke to the atmosphere in a good way. 
While the room was a buzz, one thing I personally loved was that the volume was at a reasonable level – conversations were easy and there was no yelling or straining to hear – such an important element at a networking event. 

AIME 2019 Welcome Evening | Drummers

AIME 2019 Welcome Evening | Atmosphere


There was plenty of food – multiple flamboyant food stations; including a grill, sashimi station and charcuterie station. In addition, there was a fair amount of food being tray-served throughout the room. 
No one went hungry, and did we mention it was all delicious?!
Oh, and when you thought you couldn’t eat anymore, they announced that the Dessert Room was open… 

AIME 2019 Welcome Evening | Food


The venue was a great size to accommodate the crowd. While we stayed indoors the majority of the time, we liked that there was an outdoor area with views of the water for those looking for some cooler air. 
The decision to host a Dessert Room was both good and bad. It did create excitement as people went to see what was there (and what was there was stunning), but it also divided the party a little. 
The rigging capability of the venue was put to good use with a lot of the styling all being suspended from the ceiling. In addition, the arrival of The Tuna was quite exciting, as too was the Floating Dessert Bar. 


We LOVED this event – it was exciting, fun and created a great opportunity for people to experience great hospitality as well as catch up with each other – which is what we feel this event is all about. 


AIME Networking Evening

Hosted by Showtime Event Group at their South Wharf venue, Showtime Event Centre, this was another excellent event that we thoroughly enjoyed. 


The theme for this evening was “Asian Night Noodle Market”, and Showtime Event Group did an excellent job of creating a vibrant, fun atmosphere. 
The outdoor space included several market stalls, a huge large screen showing vibrant scenes of Asia, live music and festoons. 
There were some rather surprising flames shooting off scaring the guests – but a little heat never hurt anyone…

AIME 2019 Networking Evening | Showtime Event Group


On arrival, guests were given “tokens” to use to purchase their food and drinks. This was a fun idea and everyone seemed to love trading their tokens for delicious dishes served from the market stalls. 
In addition, there were canapes being tray-served around the venue (token free!)
The food was tasty and there was a great variety on offer. 


Showtime Event Centre was an easy walk from MCEC and the indoor/ outdoor space worked really well for this themed event. We didn’t stick around for the after party, which was held in Showtime Event Centre, but apparently the dance floor was pumping. 

AIME 2019 Networking Evening | Showtime Event Centre


The addition of a second networking event was a great idea. It felt more relaxed than the previous night and everyone appeared to be having a great time. This night was great for networking because it gave attendees a chance to catch up with people they had met that day and helped them to build stronger relationships with each other. 

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