Philanthropy + The Arts... How Your Event Can Add Value

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is often considered when planning events. How can your company use events to communicate their Corporate Social Responsibility agenda? Or, how can you use your events to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility goals? And finally, how can you make sure your delegates engage with your CSR actions during your events?
One venue that is helping event planners engage delegates with Corporate Social Responsibility actions is Arts Centre Melbourne with their new Philanthropy Events Package
As a non-profit organisation Arts Centre Melbourne relies heavily on the generous support of passionate and likeminded individuals who support them through donations and fundraising. All of these efforts allow for the organisation to extend the reach of Arts Centre Melbourne’s cultural, education, access, commissioning and exhibition programs and enhance the lives of Melbournians and regional Victorians.
Corporate philanthropy allows for companies to donate to worthy institutions in a way that demonstrates their social responsibility to the greater community. This new event package allows event planners to combine an event (meeting, conference, workshop, presentation) with a philanthropic donation. And that’s a win-win for CSR!

So, what is philanthropy?

Philanthropy is the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes^.
While donating money is wonderful for CSR, how can you ensure that your staff and stakeholders engage and connect with your actions?

Enhancing CSR engagement with an event

One of the best ways to engage with your company’s corporate philanthropic gesture is for the staff and stakeholders to immerse themselves in the recipient’s core activity via an event. Creating an opportunity for delegates to be at the venue, in person and learn first-hand how the donation will make a difference is a brilliant idea. 
Steven Bayliss, Head of Sales and Events at Arts Centre Melbourne explains that they created the Philanthropy Event Package to encourage event planners to combine their CSR goals with their event requirements. 
The package includes a great value DDR of $89 per person, plus a tax deductable donation of $3000. 
Steven explains how they came to put the package together, “after collaborating with the Philanthropy team on our inaugural Ovation gala event, we identified that we have our own inspirational stories to share about how philanthropy can make a difference”.
By hosting your event in this iconic Melbourne venue, along with a talk from the Philanthropy team, delegates will hear first-hand how their company’s donation will make a difference. 
Steve encourages clients to have a more in-depth and meaningful conversation by connecting their delegates to their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and actions within their event. 

And, how does that donation help the Arts Centre Melbourne?

To get an understanding, take a quick look at this video [3.36mins]. Be prepared to be inspired…

Final note…

By combining state-of-the-art venue facilities, exceptional in-house catering and audio visual, all within one of Melbourne’s most iconic buildings, plus a brilliant and purpose-driven talk, we think you’ve got yourself an amazing event. And, with Arts Centre Melbourne’s new philanthropy package available it’s all packaged up and easy for your event to add real value. 

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For more information on hosting events at Arts Centre Melbourne or their Philanthropy Events Package follow the links. 
^source Oxford Dictionary