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Is this your new team building or staff rewards program?

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to a VIP FUNsession by FUNLOCKA. We dined at nel. Restaurant out of hours, got to meet Chef Nelly himself, put the chef whites on, plated a (not so perfect) plate and played a taste testing game that had even the foodies in the room scratching their head. What was this event and how can you experience it? Allow us to introduce you to your new best friend for staff incentives and rewards – FUNLOCKA.

FUNLOCKA is an employee engagement tool that gives employers the ability to get to know their staff by gathering data on their motivations, hobbies and interests. It then gives users (employees) access to choose from over 250 experiences for rewards, incentives, team building and gifts. These experiences are constantly being updated and 70% of the experiences are unique to FUNLOCKA. We are talking about opportunities to play with puppies for an afternoon, make gelato with Messina or experience a 6-course degustation with matching whisky!
Spearheaded by Luke Cook (former media and advertising executive) and professional event extraordinaire, Jill Covitz (of TCM Events), their aim is to make people happy. They do this by giving them access to FUN, fresh and interesting experiences – i.e. you won’t see any standard movie vouchers on this platform. 
Luke and Jill have wide reaching contacts in the events, media and entertainment industries and have been working hard since their launch earlier this year to curate amazing experiences with their suppliers. 
One of their connections is Chef Nelly – always a kid at heart, his passion is about making food fun and he does this at nel. Restaurant. Working with nel. Restaurant was an obvious choice for FUNLOCKA and together they have crafted some fantastic sessions. 
The session we attended started with an introduction by Chef Nelly who invited four of the guests into his open kitchen to try their hand at plating up. Given a choice of crockery and ingredients of the meal we were going to be served for lunch, the four wannabe-chefs used their inner Master Chef to create a plate worthy of an award-winning restaurant. The results were… interesting, but what’s important is that it was FUN!

FUNLOCKA | Chef Experience at nel. Restaurant
L-R clockwise: Fiona in her chef whites | Nelly and this apprentices | Nelly handing out the mystery dessert | Plated lunch by Nelly | Plated lunch by participants   

We then sat for lunch and enjoyed the dish plated by Nelly – looking a whole lot better and tasting delicious! After lunch, the dessert was served – a scrumptious-looking ice cream on a stick. While eating dessert the guests were asked to guess all 10 ingredients in the dish – the winner was our very own Fiona! 
Fiona’s prize on the day was some FUNLOCKA FUNtimes credit to spend at her leisure, which gave us the added bonus of jumping on the app and trialling it for real. 
Here’s Fiona’s thoughts on the platform…
When you first download the app I went through a short quiz to help determine my interests and what kind of experiences would interest me. Now when I log in it offers me three experiences that I can either swipe up if they interest me (Tree Rope and Zipline Adventure) or swipe down when they aren’t to my taste (Whisky Tasting Masterclass). 
Within the app I can see my wish list, how many FUNtimes I have to spend and any experiences I’ve booked, plus experiences that are available to book. I noticed that quite a few of the experiences would make great team building activities (group yoga and meditation or an interactive theatre experience) and some are just awesome to tell everyone about come Monday at the watercooler (premium seats to a Bon-Jovi concert). 

How can you use FUNLOCKA?

Well if you’re company looking for a new way to engage staff, entertain clients or wanting to find some unique team building experiences, then head on over to their website to learn all about their subscriptions. It’s a remarkable new product and we are positive employees are going to be pretty excited when they learn about earning FUNtimes credit to spend. 
On the flip side, if you are a business that provides experiences worthy of FUNLOCKA’s catalogue of FUN, then we suggest you connect with Luke and Jill ASAP! There is no cost to suppliers to be involved and only new opportunities to grow your business… so why wait? Email
In the meantime, Fiona used her FUNminutes last weekend to enjoy a date night with her husband at the Virtual Room Sydney for a Virtual Reality Experience. Fiona tells us a little more here…
I’d never tried VR before and it seemed a bit odd to be put in separate dark padded rooms with a headset for a date night. That all became insignificant however when faced with the amazing and immersive experience offered. We got our headsets and controllers and suddenly became uber cool metal plated agents ready to save the world. A mix of escape room and gaming the ‘levels’ were challenging enough that we needed to work together but simple enough to be good fun rather than stressful. All in all, it was a brilliant night out that would be perfect for team building and parties and something I wouldn’t have tried had it not been for FUNLOCKA!  Unrelated, but worthy of noting, is that after my FUNsession, we had dinner at one of my favourite Event Birdie restaurants – Olio Kensington St

FUNLOCKA | Virtual Room Sydney