Sales and marketing checklist for your events business

Now is the perfect time to review your sales and marketing initiatives. Do you have gaps in the diary to fill? Do you have inconsistent messaging across your marketing channels? Do you need to refresh your sales skills and get better at planning ahead?

For most of us the answers are yes, yes and yes. To help you sell your business better we’ve put together a sales and marketing checklist! Outlined below are the key areas of your sales and marketing strategy that need attention now and a few tips on what you should be focussing on as you move forward.

Is your sales team ready?

Investing in your sales team is one of the best things you can do for your business. Ensuring your sales staff are equipped with the skills to not only convert incoming leads, but to also increase client expenditure, build relationships and find new business opportunities, is money well spent. Before the busy season really kicks up a gear, make sure you get your sales team up to scratch!
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Review your marketing material

Over the years it’s easy to build up an odd collection of marketing collateral, but it’s time to be ruthless – if it’s collecting dust in the corner, not consistent or not representing the best of your brand – bin it! 
  • Marketing collateral should have a consistent message and stay on brand. 
  • Marketing collateral must be electronic – make sure the file size is suitable for email.
  • Marketing collateral should be viewed easily on mobile.
  • Marketing collateral must serve a purpose – make it informative and always include calls to action.

Are your online directories up to date?

Online directories can be a great source of inbound enquiries but they need to be refreshed regularly.
  • Make sure you double check that all your contact details are correct.
  • Ensure the content is consistent with your overall brand messages.
  • Are you taking advantage of all the features available?
  • Review their performance – is it time to try something new?

Do you have a library of images that sell your business?

You are no doubt about to work on some of the most amazing, showcase worthy events. To make the most of all your hard work, make sure you have budgeted a professional photographer to take some images for you. The images will be useful for client proposals, marketing materials and your online directories. Take a quick read of these two blogs for more tips on: How to make the most from your event photographer & How to create an image that sells.

Create a content plan

Creating engaging content about your business expertise is paramount in today’s content rich world. Event buyers want to find examples of your work and learn about your experience via engaging images and articles in story format. Plan ahead and schedule in time to create event showcase articles, interviews with your key personnel and articles with tips and advice on planning great events. 

Get your articles published on your own website and on event planning blogs like Event Birdie! If you need help creating the content, then we can do that too!

Is your website working?

Your business website is the most important marketing tool you own, so taking the time to review its performance is a must-do. Don’t be discouraged if your website is not the funkiest, wiz-bang website out there, just make sure a few of the key elements are working:
1. Is your business name clearly visible?
2. Are your calls to action (phone number and email) in plain view on every page?
3. Are your images clear, crisp and relevant?
4. Is it clear what event services you provide?
5. If you have forms on your website – are they working?

Is it time to get more social?

Social media is here to stay and if you don’t have a presence, it’s time to get socially savvy. Check out this great blog for some helpful tips you can implement immediately: 10 ways to lift your social media game right now.

Treat your clients to something nice.

It may still be a few months away, but it's time to ensure you budget money and time for entertaining your clients. Check out 11 ways to maximise your client entertaining for some hot tips.
Or if you would like to send them a unique gift we totally recommend you check out Boxes of Babylon for some great gift ideas…