Six things a creative meeting space must have

“Creative meeting spaces” is one of the most popular venue requests we get direct to our inbox. It seems people are desperate to get out of the office and find a venue that provides more than four white walls and a flip chart.

For a venue space to be deemed “creative” it needs to be an environment that encourages participation and provides the functional facilities needed to ensure your meeting is productive. Why on earth are you spending money on getting out of the office, right? 
One of our favourite Sydney meeting venues is the super funky Ovolo Woolloomooloo. It opened late 2016 and as a function space, it’s stylish, quirky and modern… but as a creative meeting space, well… we think they’ve taken it to a whole new level.
We caught up with Event Manager, Joanna Hillier to find out what are the key features they have included to ensure their clients have the most successful creative meetings possible. 

1. Artistic flair - four white walls won’t cut it…

When designing the interiors at Ovolo, the team looked for creative ways to blend the old historic building with modern design. They took influences from the vibrant neighbourhood, pop culture, Scandinavian design and other on-trend looks.
The result is amazing and what they have on offer is several, very different spaces that all evoke a sense of creativity.
Jo adds, “Our spaces are about artwork, colour, great design and effortless living spaces. We find many of our clients find the spaces inspire their teams to appreciate the past and look forward to the future.”

The Burbs | Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: The Cross (part of The Burbs), are adorned with murals of the houses of the Eastern suburbs

Glamarama } Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: Check out the textured corkboards walls in the stylish, Glamarama, which you're allowed to pin your work too!

Piper Room | Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: Stripped back to its bones, the 100 year old design provides an inspiring backdrop for events


2. Comfort to inspire participation

The theory of having everyone stand at meetings so they are kept short and to the point, works fine for quick in-office catch ups, but when you’re planning an all-day event, ensuring your guests are comfortable should be high on the priority list.  
Finding a space that can help your guests relax and be open to new ideas or sharing their own opinions is a great step towards productive results.
Jo explains, “Whilst there is always going to be a demand for a boardroom table or a traditional cabaret setup, we recognise that some groups may prefer a more relaxed and intimate setting. So, we created the BiG Room. It has a custom-made wrap-around lounge that can seat up to 10 guests. There are also games in the room to help guests relax and be open to creative thinking.” 

BiG Room | Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: A relaxed and comfortable meeting room, BiG

3. Little touches to surprise your guests

What we love about the Ovolo is that they have paid attention to the little details. Little things like… personalised amenities in the meeting room each day for multi day events that can make guests feel welcome and cherished (e.g need a Berrocca after a big night out… they’ll sort you out!)
They even have unique additions like, Black and Boxed Water, that are sure to have your guests thinking differently. [Not sure what we’re talking about… clink on the links above to learn more about these amazing water products (we had to Google it too)].
And, forget about boring old mints on the table… Jo adds, “Sweet tooth? We’ve got you covered with a selection of lollies on each table. Health nut? We’ve got nuts too!”

The little things count | Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: It's not just about water and mints... the little things can make a big difference. 

4. The right tech to communicate your message

Sure, by now you’re thinking ‘I’ve found an art gallery with a lounge in it – bingo, creative meeting space…’ but what about the tech?
We’re not talking about highly sophisticated tech you need a degree to operate or a projector and screen you need to set up yourself.  What makes a creative meeting space really useful is modern technology that allows you to communication your messages clearly.
Ovolo has thought of that too… Projectors and screens, clickers, in-built sound with lapel and handheld mics all come included in their DDP at no extra cost.
Jo adds, “Clients love our easy-to-use, in-room control pad that allows you to switch between multiple sources; laptop, TV and music servers. Our handy wireless ClickShare technology allows screen sharing for up to four people, so that at the click of a button you can activate ‘in the moment’ team input.”

5. What’s outside the room counts too 

When it comes to break time, most delegates want to step out of the meeting room – it’s a time to stretch your legs, check emails, make phone calls, grab some food and clear the mind before the next session. 
Many venues offer this option to their clients and Ovolo’s answer is the Lo Lounge. It sits in the heart of the venue and provides a place to eat, drink, play, relax and stay warm. 
Key must-haves include speedy WiFi, relaxing seating, quiet areas, a bar, food, and even a fire pit – which isn’t necessary of course, but is a nice touch on cool days.
Jo reminds us that it’s not just about what’s in the venue, but what the surrounding area can offer too… “Ovolo Woollomooloo is positioned at the edge of Sydney’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. It’s a haven for team building with a breath of fresh air. And, if food is your thing, then look no further than the amazing restaurants that line the water’s edge.”

Lo Lounge | Ovolo Woolloomooloo
IMAGE: Lo Lounge... the place to lay low and relax between sessions or post-meeting

6. An expert touch for peace of mind

Now, if you’re thinking that the warehouse with the lounge and a mural on the wall is still looking good, it’s time to talk about the set-up, the pre-event planning and the on-the-day support… Are you really going to do that all yourself, while attending or running an event?
Leave it to the experts and choose a venue with an in-house events team who are ready to make your event a success from start to finish.
Jo sums up the support Ovolo offers their clients, “The run up to your event is supported at every step by one of our event experts and then handed over to a 24/7 Ops team who know how to flip a room quicker than you can think of what to eat for lunch”.


We love finding a meeting space the inspires creativity, through the interior design, food, service and technology, and we think Ovolo Woolloomooloo has nailed it.
So, when you are next looking for a creative meeting space (anywhere in the World), run through a few of these must-haves, so you can find a venue just as good. Or simply book Ovolo – problem solved! 
Check out more about Ovolo Woolloomooloo on their website or Event Birdie page