Product review: Sprintr by AV1 - making event registration easy

We love finding out about new products that are designed to make the lives of event planners easier. One area of event planning that is traditionally a headache is event registration. Well, not any more!
Forget pre-printing hundreds of name badges before an event. Forget setting up metres of trestle tables to display name badges. Forget scrounging around to print extra name tags for unexpected guests or correcting a typo. Forget all those annoying things related to event registration and let us introduce you to Sprintr by AV1.

The Sprintr Kiosk is the brainchild of both event production supplier, AV1 and event technology experts, Entegy. It’s an Australian product and we think you’re going to love it. So let’s take a look and explore how Sprintr can make your event registration a whole lot easier.

What does the Sprintr Kiosk do?

The Sprintr Kiosk is a swish looking kiosk that is installed at the entrance to your event. On arrival guests are directed to an individual terminal to ‘register’ their attendance. With an easy to use touch screen, guests check themselves in, print off their name badge and walk seamlessly into the event. 

It’s kind of like self check-in in at the airport, but for events!

How does Sprintr make onsite event registration easier?

 Here are our four favourite reasons:
  1. The Sprintr Kiosk replaces the need for registration desks – pack away the trestle tables and make your entrance open and inviting!
  2. The Sprintr Kiosk saves time and money by only printing out name badges for those that attend your event.
  3. The Sprintr Kiosk can allow guests to easily find their pre-registered details via QR code, code or name. Plus, it can allow unexpected guests to register on the spot!
  4. The Sprintr Kiosk makes post-event data collection easy. 

What does a Sprintr Kiosk look like? 

A Sprintr Kiosk looks like a super stylish stand with a touch pad screen on top. The stand can be customised with your company branding and you will also be delighted to know you can customise the welcome message on the screen too.

Sprintr by AV1 registration system
Images on right: Sprintr Kiosk in action at Events Uncovered Sydney. © Oneill Photographics

What type of badges does it print?

You can choose from two different types of guest name badges: lanyard style or sticky style.
Lanyard sized name badges can be custom designed to include the guests name on one side and any further information on the other side, eg a conference schedule, exhibition map or other details. 
The sticky style is just that – a name badge guests can print out and stick straight on their lapel. Simple.

All badges can be designed to include your company branding. 

How many Sprintr Kiosks will you need at your event?

The Sprintr by AV1 team recommend you have at least two. However, they will advise you on how many would be suitable based on your event size and the rate of registration - i.e. is everyone turning up all at once or are people expected throughout the day.

What type of events is Sprintr suitable for?

Exhibitions, conferences and networking events.

What does it need to work?

To work, it just needs power and a little space. When you book the kiosks for your event, the experts at Sprintr by AV1 will manage the set-up, installation and pack down for you. Leave it to them to worry about plugs and power. 

How do you pre-register your guests? 

When you book the kiosks for your event you will be given access to Entegy’s registration software. This will allow you to collate and manage pre-event registration before the event. Come event day, this seamlessly marries up with the technology in the Sprintr terminal.
It's worth noting that you can also upload data from any rego system you currently use – it’s as easy as importing your list in csv format.

How do you collect the post-event data?

Using the registration software designed by Entegy, you will have access to download all your event registration details – who attended, when they attended, who registered on the day and who was a no show.

How do you book Sprintr for your event?

Get in touch with the Sprintr by AV1 team at or visit their website