The beauty of a pop up venue

Pop up venues are those that literally, out of nowhere – POP UP! One day you’re walking past a drab courtyard or an empty laneway and then all of a sudden you walk past again and there’s a thriving, colourful party going on! You want to go in!
This intrigue and excitement is why pop up venues are so successful. The idea of eating and drinking in a once cruddy space that has now been decked out to look like a secret garden or Mexican cantina, a space that you know in only a few weeks will return to being a place people simply pass on by, is an offer too good to refuse.
There are so many reasons why a pop up venue is an awesome place to host your end of year function - first and foremost is that it’s a venue your guests will have never been to before and will never have a chance to go to again!
But finding out about pop up venues and managing to secure a hot date for your event can be tricky. Most pop up venues you hear about are designed to accommodate restaurant or bar trade – attracting crowds of people who queue around the block to get in. Designers of these spaces are reluctant to close the venue for an exclusive event. You also tend to hear about them just before they open – which for event planners is a little too late when planning a party for a couple of hundred people.
The option of designing your own pop up venue can come at a price and is difficult to organise too – you would need to secure a location, arrange Council permits, ship everything in and out again for one night. The time alone in organising an exclusive pop up event can blow the budget.
So what is the solution for event planners looking for an exclusive, one-off venue that will be here this year and not the next? Meet ENGAGE at Disegno!
The experienced event management team at ENGAGE have come up with a brilliant solution… they source the location, they install a kick-arse theme and make it available for a few weeks during the peak end of year party season. They then pack it all away and design something new the following year! We love it!
Not only are they creating an exclusive experience, they are also spreading the costs associated with hosting a fully decked out themed party and making it more affordable – no more boring end of year functions, it’s time to really impress your guests!
Selling a pop up venue though isn’t easy – while the team at ENGAGE have a core group of clients who rebook with them each year, filling the gaps can be a little tricky – for starters there are no pictures of the venue!
But just like booking in your styling and décor for a party, a creative vision board and floor plan can help you visualise what they have planned. In the past the team have created pop up venues styled as The Sands, Wonderland, Secret Garden, and last year they hosted Mexicola…

The Sands | Pop up venue
The Sands | Pop up venue by ENGAGE at Disegno

Wonderland | Pop up venue
Wonderland | Pop up venue by ENGAGE at Disegno

Mexicola | Pop up venue
Mexicola | Pop up venue by ENGAGE at Disegno

This year the pop up venue is called The Estate, an old English country manor estate located right in the heart of Melbourne. 
When ENGAGE design their pop up venues nothing is left out – the event space is carefully designed to offer the best party atmosphere, the styling and décor are immersive and brilliant, the wait staff are dressed to match and the food and drinks are paired perfectly to the theme. Once you step through the entrance you’re instantly transported from the streets of Melbourne to a theatrical garden manor ready for a party. 

The Estate | pop up venue vision board
The Estate | vision board for pop up venue in Melbourne 2016

View the official pop up venue proposal, vision board and floor plan for The Estate here

The Estate will be available for exclusive events between Friday 18 November – Thursday 22 December. Contact the team now to check availability and lock in your exclusive pop up party! 
P.S. ENGAGE at Disegno are masters of creating bespoke event designs and are worth contacting for a chat if you’re looking to host a kick-arse party or function in Melbourne or Sydney (they have offices in both cities!).