Theme it... Vivid style!

Lauren and James, the creative duo from The Event Space, have been thrown our next Theme-it challenge and you will LOVE what they have planned! 
With only a few weeks left until Sydney literally lights up, we couldn’t resist making our next theme-it challenge all about Vivid!  
Vivid is now an important part of Sydney’s cultural and events calendar and is described by the organisers as “a unique annual event of light, music and ideas, featuring many of the world’s most important creative industry forums, a mesmerising free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations, a cutting-edge contemporary music program and the spectacular illumination of Sydney’s iconic architecture including the sails of Sydney Opera House.”
What a vibrant and exciting time to be in Sydney and a fabulous backdrop to host an event.

The brief: Create a unique corporate event concept, which connects with the upcoming Vivid Festival in Sydney.  
The rules: There are no budget constraints, be as creative as possible, stick to the theme, find a real location and the laws of physics still apply.


The Event Space: ‘Experience Neon’

Given the theme 'Vivid' we saw it as a great chance to create a memorable team building event for a corporate group. Something that would engage and excite the group in a way they would have never experienced before. Get the suits out of the office and experience neon!


For this brief we’re looking for a venue that lends itself to unique events… with no limitations on space, set builds or creativity. 
Cockatoo Island is the perfect destination, a venue full of character and history, but also a blank canvas from which our experience will come to life. Its prime harbourside location is unsurpassed, with panoramic views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in all its Vivid glory.

Cockatoo Island for events

Setting the scene & entertainment

Guests will board a charter vessel, overflowing with neon lights. The boat will take them on a tour around the harbour where the guests will be illuminated by the lights of Vivid Festival. The boat will then head to Cockatoo Island, dropping guests off to begin their neon experience. 
Upon arrival, guests will be broken up into teams to participate in a range of night time neon activities. From neon paintball, splash painting (think throwing glow-in the-dark neon paint onto walls) and real life pac-man mazes…teams will ‘Experience Neon’.
The evening culminates in a marquee splashed with LED lights, filled with illuminated furniture and the warmth of mushroom heaters. Neon paint drummers pulse the airwaves creating a spectacle to excite the weary, while silhouette performance art is projected onto the open sandstone rock faces. 
Vivid Sydney styled corporate event


Prepare your taste buds for a culinary rainbow. The freshest ingredients from across Australia will be sourced and presented in a tapestry of delicate canapés. 

Signature cocktails poured into illuminated glasses will be paired with colourful Adriano Zumbo macaroons. A fitting end to a night of neon under the Sydney stars. 


So there you have it, The Event Space’s creative take on a Vivid themed event. We'd love to hear what you would do should you have the same brief - let us know below!

This event is hypothetical, but if you like the sound of it then get in touch with The Event Space - they would be delighted to help with your next event!