Three Ways Your Event Can Help Others In Need

Hosting lavish parties and corporate events with no expense spared has had its heyday. Back in the magical 80s when excess was expected, or before the infamous GFC when it was at least accepted, grand soirees and wild parties were common, flourishing and numerous. But now things have changed. Now there are not only tighter budgets, but there is public perception. And not just public perception, but a growing awareness that excess isn’t sustainable. 
The rise of corporate responsibility has changed the market place for the events industry. Sure, there are still large, lavish functions taking place, but they are not to the extent they used to be. 
Excess is no longer on trend. 
Companies are looking for ways to show their staff and clients that they have heart, they have virtues and want to help others less fortunate. 
However, rather than simply cancelling the staff Christmas party or hosting something mediocre in the office, there is still a need to treat your clients and staff to something fabulous. Because attending a well-planned, gorgeous event, has the ability to make your staff and clients feel special. And that is, and will always be, extremely important for business. 
So, in this week’s blog we’re going to highlight three different types of businesses you can align yourself with to make your events tick those virtuous boxes and still provide an exceptional hospitality experience during the party season… or for any events throughout the year.

1. Choose a venue which donates proceeds to charity

There is a growing number of purpose-driven businesses worldwide and we’re delighted to say there are at least three venues we know of in Sydney that donate their profits to charity. Hosting your event at one of these venues is an easy way to help those less fortunate. 
Located in Waterloo, this French-industrial inspired warehouse is a great space for private and corporate events. You can hire the entire space or they have a smaller semi-private meeting/ dining room that can be used for intimate gatherings. All proceed from events go to funding the Freedom Hub charity, which is set-up to help those affected by the slave trade in Australia (it’s frightening and real). Freedom Hub also happens to be one of our most popular venues on Event Birdie… take a look why by clicking the link above. 
Meaning For Love Not Money this is a new purpose-driven business with a restaurant, bar, workshop/ meeting room and blank canvas hall for up to 200 guests, located in Surry Hills. The food and hospitality are amazing and you can choose which charity your event profits go to! Personally, I don’t think their Event Birdie page does the venue justice, so stay tuned for more images once they are available. 

From the team behind Folonomo, Symbol is a creative space and cafe in North Sydney. Perfect for workshops, meetings and smaller gatherings, this space was gifted to the team in order to help them reach their goals of helping those in need. 

This colourful and funky venue is located in Chippendale. The amazing thing here is that it is run by volunteers - people giving up their own time to make this place run. And they do it well! They dish up soul food from around the world and have several areas available for functions. All proceeds go to support The Cardoner Project, a Jesuit and Catholic youth volunteering hub that supports global partner organisations, predominantly within the Jesuit network.

Purpose-driven venues in Sydney
Left to right: Two Wolves > Freedom Hub > Folonomo

NB. We would like to add that we offer all of the above venues complimentary marketing on Event Birdie as our way of helping them with their cause. If you know of any other purpose-driven venues in Australia that would love some marketing support, feel free to send them our way.

2. Get involved with OzHarvest 

If you don’t already know about OzHarvest, it’s about time you did. OzHarvest is the leading food rescue organisation in Australia. They collect surplus food from all types of food providers, including corporate events, restaurants and hotels, and delivers it direct to over 900 charities who support people in need across the country. They have helped serve over 60 million meals to those in need and have saved over 20,000 tonnes of food from ending up in landfill. Simply outstanding!
An easy and impactful way your event can help others is to make sure the venue or caterer you are using for your events is an OzHarvest supplier. 
The second thing you might like to do is take a look at their Corporate Volunteering and Engagement program information – it might be perfect for your next team building event or sponsorship opportunity.

OzHarvest | Events and Giving
Images taken from OzHarvest website

3. Recycle your floral arrangements

In another recent blog post we introduced you to Forward Flowers. A fabulous new business that will collect your event (or wedding) flowers, repurpose them into suitable arrangements and donate them to those who need a little cheering up. Forward Flowers delivers the flowers to people in aged care facilities, mental health facilities, women’s shelters, drug and rehab facilities.
Research shows that receiving a bunch of flowers has significant power on someone’s state of mind and can be contributed to lowering depression, increasing compassion and fighting anxiety.

This is a nice and simple way to help your event be more sustainable, and also be that little ray of sunshine for those who need it most. 


This list is only the start and I am sure there are more ways your events can make a positive impact on others less fortunate, while your guests enjoy a unique experience. So, when you’re planning the staff Christmas party, end-of-year client function or any special event during the year, consider how you could make a difference to the lives of others at the same time. 
P.S. If you want to add some more ideas about how events can help others, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Header image credit: Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash