Event Showcase | The Ultimate Wedding Menu Tasting

Planning a wedding can be a nervous and daunting time for some newly engaged couples. For most, it’s the biggest day of their lives – both in terms of expectations and the cost! 
Worrying if the venue or the caterer, or any suppliers involved for that matter, are going to deliver on their promise and wow the socks off you and your guests, is what can turn some couples into crazy people.  
Who can blame them really? Many couples only see the venue in its “transition phase” (e.g. stacks of chairs against the wall, and trolleys of AV equipment scatted throughout). They book the venue on good faith that the pictures they see on an iPad will translate in real life. 
To help alleviate some of this stress, the team at Showtime Events Centre have come up with a brilliant solution. Why not treat their clients to a preview of how their wedding will be on the big day? More than simply inviting them in for a menu tasting of the food, instead the Showtime Events team have created a full-blown event to give their clients a taster of the real experience! 
When we found out about Showtime Events Centre’s brilliant Wedding Menu Tasting concept we wanted to share it with you all. Let’s take a look at how they help manage their wedding clients’ stress and help them plan an unforgettable wedding…

The Event

Showtime Event Centre and their sister venue, Cargo Hall host a bi-annual group Menu Tasting in which all booked couples are invited to attend. The event is deigned to be a “taster” of not only the food and beverage, but of the wedding night itself. Often described to couples as a chance to experience the night of their wedding from a guest’s perspective, it is also a great opportunity for couples to meet the extended Showtime family looking after their day.

Showtime Event Centre Menu Tasting Event

The [Wedding] Venue

Each of the venues is set-up and styled as if a wedding was taking place that evening. For those that have never planned an event before, conceptualising how a space can be used can be very difficult. 
Couples at the event were able to easily envisage how the room accommodates the tables, dance floor and stage. Seeing the venue dressed and with the in-house lighting on, gives the couples an immediate sense of how their wedding will look at the venue.

Showtime Event Centre Wedding Menu Tasting

The [Wedding] Food

Couples were able to trial mini portions of four entrees, mains and desserts.  
In addition to tasting a variety of Chef’s favourite dishes from each course, they were also given a chance to view and taste a number of food stations, including arrival oyster bar, wine chat corner and an interactive Italian station – yum! 

Showtime Event Centre Wedding Catering

The [Wedding] Styling

The team at Showtime engaged a selection of their trusted suppliers to showcase their on-trend wedding styling and décor. This gave couples inspiration for their own wedding plans. 

The [Wedding] Entertainment

The event also provided couples with a chance to sample one of Showtime’s recommended acoustic bands from S’n’J Music. This set a good vibe for the entire evening. 

And what did the guests think of the event?

The venue received overwhelming positive feedback, with many clients rating the evening as the standout point in the entire planning process. 
Apparently, most couples like to “make a night out of it” taking full advantage of the enormous wine list to sample, and some even booking into a hotel for the night to really get in to the spirit of the “practice wedding”. 

Final words…

We love that Showtime Events are passionate about helping their clients get the best experience possible. The tone of this event is a true reflection on how the team “put on a show!”. 
The pride they take in making sure that their client’s wedding is a stress-free, exciting and FUN experience is refreshing - squashing the notion that wedding planning has to be a daunting, overwhelming and stressful process. 
Suppliers involved in this event included:
Styling & Décor: Décor It
Invitations: Life Is Peachy
Photography: Ateia Photography 
Chandeliers: Luxe Chandeliers
Entertainment: S’n’J Music