Vamos para o Rio de Janeiro (Let’s go to Rio!)

Last year it was all about Gatsby Glamour for event styling, but this year we predict a little change of pace. With the world’s attention turning to Brazil in June for the 2014 World Cup and again in 2016 for the Olympics, we expect the Australian event scene to adopt some of Brazil’s favourite party themes this year.

Brazilians are warm, rhythmic and fun-loving and host the world’s largest party, Carnival - so there really is no better place to turn to for inspiration in 2014! Event Birdie has put together two themes which will be sure to impress your guests and make for an unforgettable event.

Carnival Samba Festa

An explosion of bright colours, loud thumping drum beats, half-naked bodies and rum – this is what the locals call Carnival! There is simply no better (or bigger) party on earth! With a similar climate to Rio and a love of all things fun, we’re positive a samba party theme will be a big hit down under in 2014. Throw in a large screen for the football during June and July and you will have some very festive guests indeed.

What you’ll need:
  • To style: clashing bright colours, sequins and lots of feathers!
  • To entertain: Plenty of samba, Brazilian dancers, drummers and capoeira.
  • To eat: grilled meats on skewers, salads and lots of tropical fruit.
  • To drink: Cachaḉa (sugar cane rum) in caipirinhas and agua de coco (fresh coconuts with a straw).
Carnival Samba Party

*Bonus points: for the ambitious, you might even create your own float worthy of the Sambadrome (perhaps a team building idea).

Sambadrome Float

Bossa Nova Chill Festa

If the carnival samba festa is a little too brash and you’re looking for a more subdued and sexy vibe, why not try out Brazil’s other festa theme, Bossa Nova Chill (Portuguese for “new trend”).
With cool tunes, a beachside vibe and Tropicana 1960’s style, we’re positive you and your guests will love chilling out like the Brazilians, Bossa Nova style.
What you’ll need:
  • To style: Tropicana kitsch, pineapples, palms, cane furniture and splashes of bold colour.
  • To entertain: Bossa Nova tunes played either on a gramophone, by a live band or, if you must, an iPod.
  • To eat: fresh, tasty canapés, ceviche, seafood and tropical fruit.
  • To drink: Brazilians accept nothing less than caipirinhas (you’ll just have to get used to them in 2014) or if you can’t get hold of cachaḉa, add vodka to make caipiroskas instead (also delicious).

Bossa Nova Festa

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Do you have any other Brazilian party and theming tips? Share your South American flair!