Video marketing for the events industry

Video is by far one of the most impressive marketing tools available to promote your events business. There are hundreds of mind-blowing stats that should get anyone tasked with marketing their business in a frenzy, whipping out their camera ready to press record!
Stats like… 
  1. Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available. (Diode Digital)
  2. One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. (Forrester Research)
  3. Video on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. (Vidyard)
  4. Video delivers a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines. (Hubspot)
  5. Video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rate. (Forrester Research)
  6. 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. (Insivia)
Video is not only a fantastic way of communicating your message more effectively, but it also has the added bonus of giving you a much higher chance of attracting more traffic and converting leads via your online marketing.
So for a content rich industry like events, it should be a no brainer to include some video in your overall marketing plan. But where to start…
There are three obvious ways video can be used within the events industry…
  1. To promote your products and services (suppliers and venues)
  2. To promote your events (help sell tickets and attract sponsors)
  3. To create content for conferences and events (help communicate your message better)

Before we move forward with some great tips and examples (video of course!), let’s remove #3 from the equation. Earlier this year we put together a great article about why Video Production is a must-have addition to your event. Take a look at it if you’re planning video content for your next event.

Moving on, let’s explore some of the different types of video you can create to help sell your events business or your ticketed events. 

Creating video to promote your events business

For venues, 360 degree video has been all the rage for some time. It’s a great way for event planners to have a spin around an empty event space without having to visit the venue in person. 
However, most people watching videos online want to be entertained – even if they’re looking for a B2B product. Viewing a video that tells a story is far more enjoyable and will result in a much better engagement rate.
A great example of how to create an engaging venue video is featured on the homepage of Events by ATC’s new website:
On landing on the homepage a video featuring Richard Wilkins automatically starts. For most viewers in Australia, it’s a familiar voice that welcomes you to their website. Richard then proceeds to take you on a tour of their premium venues located at Royal Randwick. You can’t help but watch the video and after 1 min 48 sec you have heard and seen all the highlights the venue has to offer - We give this video “five stars!”.

Events by ATC - website video
Another great example comes from Ludlow Bar & Dining. Join their Group Sales and Business Development Manager, Geoff Branson, as he takes you through their riverside venue. The music, vision and narrative is spot on – giving you a great sense of the type of events that can be hosted at the venue. Also, you’ve just met Geoff, who is likely to be one of the people you meet when you host your event at their venue – familiarity is an added bonus! 

Ludlow Bar & Dining - website video
However, it’s not just venues that can benefit from creating marketing videos - event suppliers of all kinds can, and should, be using video to promote their services too. In fact, creating a video about your events business is a great way to not only showcase your work, but introduce your team to potential clients.
We absolutely love this clever video put together by Oneill Photographics introducing their Principal photographer and Director, Natalie Page. The video shows Natalie in action at an event and gives her the opportunity to tell you (the potential client) what she does to ‘over deliver’ on your expectations.


Another great video from a supplier is this one from AV1 – a Sydney based audio visual & production company. The video starts by introducing the team, their technology and then onto showcasing a range of events they have worked on. It shows the scale of production they are capable of, but also highlights their ability to produce an awesome video – something they offer as a service to clients!

Creating video to promote your event

If you’re tasked with promoting an event then make room in the budget for video! There is no better way of attracting potential sponsors or guests if you show them a snapshot of what they could experience by being on board or attending.
Showcase the vibrancy and action of your event. Showcase the guest attendance – the calibre and the numbers. Give the viewer a reason to buy a table or get involved. 
Here are two great examples from Create Engage - a company specialising in video production for the events industry. The first video features the CEO Sleepout – it’s a great piece of marketing that allows you to get a deeper understanding of why the event is held.
This second example is a little more upbeat, however it again is showcasing a very worthy cause. The Varity of Chef’s dinner is held each year to raise funds for the Children’s charity. Their event is well attended and always looks amazing – this video helps covey that message so that new sponsors and charitable guests are attracted to attend. 
All of these videos are of course short – under two minutes - which means they are far more likely to be viewed in their entirety. These days video can also be uploaded to multiple channels very easily – social media, your website, other people’s websites and newsletters too. Their versatility means they can land in the palm of your audience’s hand or on their desktop with ease. 
Using video to market your events business or the event you are planning is an exceptional way to engage with your potential clients and guests. The examples above all have been produced with a clear message in mind. 

At Event Birdie we recognise the power that video can have on your online marketing and have recently added the ability for our clients to feature video on their Event Birdie listings. You can see a great example here on one of our venue pages, Gunners Barracks or a supplier page, Champion Event Group.
To wrap up, here are four tips to getting your video spot on:
  1. Get it produced by a professional! Someone who understands the clear objective of why the video is being made and the message that needs to be communicated. (Check out Event Birdie for some great video production suppliers in NSW and VIC)
  2. Keep it short – no more than 2 mins. (5% of people will stop watching a video after 30 sec, 60% after 2 mins) 
  3. Make sure you feature your video on your website! (and if you have an Event Birdie listing, you can now feature it there too!)
  4. Make sure the video is sharable – no point going to all the effort if the video is kept secret… share, share, share and hopefully everyone else who sees it does too.
For more information about marketing your business online with Event Birdie’s help, contact us – we’d love to work with you!