Video Production: a must have addition to your event

VIDEO killed the radio star and now it’s killing PowerPoint too! Like radio, PowerPoint isn’t dead… but there certainly has been a major shift in how information is presented at events in recent years.  In terms of effectively communicating a message at an event – in fact any message, anywhere – video trumps all. 


Back in the 80s when music videos threatened to kill radio, people were thrilled, engaged and mesmerised – not only could they hear the music they loved, they could now see it too. 

This same principle applies for events and meetings – people don’t want to just hear the information, they want to see it too.
We are living in the digital age. It’s no longer just big production houses producing video - it’s you, me and our neighbours’ children. Creating, producing, uploading and sharing professional video content with potentially millions of people worldwide is now more affordable and attainable than ever before. We are living in a time where we all expect to engage with information that is creative, intelligent and… moving.

The purpose of any event is to deliver a specific message to a captured audience. In the past this may have included long PowerPoint presentations with pie charts and bullet points, reinforcing what the speaker is telling the audience. No matter how creative that PowerPoint presentation may be, research shows that on average people only retain 10% of the information delivered in text format. Roll out a savvy video, carefully produced to present the same message, and research shows that the audience is more likely to retain 95% of the message! NINETY-FIVE-PERCENT!

Before we go on any further writing text you may simply forget… watch this short video from AV1 about the Power of Video [there may be a quiz afterwards…]

The Power of Video from AV1 on Vimeo.

Short, punchy and to the point. The visuals are actually all text, the information is all stats, in fact it’s a pretty simple message delivered in less than two minutes. What did we learn? LOADS!!
We’re walking away armed with stats we are likely to remember and that we can share at networking events, client meetings and dinner parties! One minute of video is the equivalent of 1.8 million words of text - that video is the equivalent of 3.6 million words that we would never ever read!
Our major take away from the video is this… 
Creating video content can enhance your event for two main reasons:
  1. You can communicate your message more effectively and have a better influence on your audience than any other format; and
  2. You can use the video to communicate your message to more than just the people who attended your event.

As much as we hope you love reading our blog, I think we can all agree that watching the video was far more engaging and memorable than our text summary.
Using digital media at events is not just about the presentation of information and stats either. A production company like AV1 can also produce unique digital content to enhance the entire event.

Here are some ideas…
  • Highlight videos (during the event or post event)
  • Video loops for presentations at exhibitions or in networking areas
  • Stings and walk-up videos for award winners or presenters 
  • Digital wallpaper to bring your venue (and brand) to life 

The investment in video is a no brainer – the effectiveness, reach and ability to reuse content outweighs time spent on creating PowerPoint presentations or not having content to back up your messages at all.

Choosing to work with an event production company like AV1, which has an internal digital team, means that they can create a cohesive message throughout the event. From the entrance feature, stage design, video production, content delivery and highlights video – every detail can effectively communicate your message. Creating a seamless integration of digital content that immerses your guests and ensures your key messages and brand are unforgettable – or at least only 5% of it…
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