Why paper invitations are still the best choice for special occasions

We live in a time when getting messages to people is quick and easy - send a simple text message, email or create an event on social media. With such useful technology at the touch of a button, do physical invitations matter anymore? Why do we still send paper invitations to big events, and is it really necessary? 
The answer is yes! There is absolutely a reason that we still send physical wedding invitations, engagement party invitations, baby shower invitations and invitations to important gala events. 
Here are three very good reasons why it’s still a good idea to send paper invitations for your next special occasion...

1. Because we don’t usually use paper

The fact that we usually rely on digital communication is precisely the reason paper invitations are still so popular. Getting a physical invitation stands out from the normal sea of Facebook events, alerting guests to the fact that this is an important event and they should take notice. It’s a way of marking the event as a milestone. This also lets guests know how important it is to you that they attend which makes them more likely to prioritise your event over others. 

2. Because paper invites are practically useful 

There are practical reasons that paper invites are the best choice for an important occasion.
Reliable delivery
How many times have you missed a notification on social media or had an email bounce because of a small typo? Getting in touch online is easy when it works, but it can be unreliable. This is a big problem for invitation emails because inbox spam protection algorithms find attachments and images on emails suspicious, especially if you’re emailing someone you don’t regularly email or who has not emailed you before. Physical invitations are much more likely to find their way to the intended destination. 
Demands a response
If someone has gone to all the trouble of printing and sending a traditional invitation, most people recognise that traditional rules of etiquette apply. They are far more likely to RSVP if they have been formally invited, since it indicates that the event is somewhat formal and an accurate number of attendees is required. While an email or online event might not prompt a firm decision, a paper invite definitely does, especially if an RSVP card is included in the envelope. \
Visual reminder
Once your guests have sent their RSVP, they still have the paper invitation on hand as a physical reminder of the upcoming event. Invites usually end up on fridges, on pinboards, or sitting on benches where the mail gets opened. Wherever they get put, it’s usually in sight and serves as a visual reminder which helps guests remember to attend. Even with all the good intentions in the world, it’s easy to forget about an upcoming event that you read about once online. 

3. Because paper invitations are beautiful 

Okay, now to the obvious: paper invitations are gorgeous, and they’re fun! A special occasion is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to the best of everything, and invitations are no exception. People send paper invitations because they like paper invitations. They look and feel luxurious, and they make a guest feel extra special. That’s reason enough to go paper, in our eyes!
If you’re planning an event and thinking about whether or not to send out paper invitations, make sure you’re taking all these things into consideration. There are very good reasons why physical invitations are still so popular in this digital age. 

Paper Invitations Are Beautiful



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