Why We're So Excited About Attending Evolve this Month!

We need to start with a full disclaimer… 
Despite being a member of Meeting and Events Australia (MEA) in previous employment, Event Birdie hasn’t been a MEA Member previously. However, this year we’ve not only joined as MEA members, we’ve also signed on as a Media Partner for their annual conference, Evolve. The reason why we’re jumping on the MEA bandwagon in 2019 is that for the first time in a few years the conference program looks fabulous and we’re genuinely excited about attending.
We approached MEA independently about being involved and were delighted when they were keen to work with us. 
For the last few months we’ve been telling anyone who will listen that the conference program looks bloody good and, now it’s your turn to listen…
Whether you’re sitting on the fence about attending or you’ve never been, 2019 is the year to book yourself a ticket and meet us in Brisbane between 31st March – 3 April. 
To help you make the decision, here are our four key reasons for attending Evolve. 

1. A Fantastic Conference Program

When the official program landed in our inbox back in November, we were instantly impressed. For the first time in a few years we could see that a lot of thought had gone into the program. Hats off to Anne-Marie Flynn who has been instrumental in curating the content. Our industry is full of niche markets and roles, so designing “an industry conference” that truly interests everyone, is no easy task. 

What attracted us was the Sales and Marketing steam (perfect for our own personal and professional development). However, as publishers of event management content, we also loved the look of sessions in many of the other streams (which include; Future Leaders, Best Practice Case Studies, Event Management, Event Business, Tech Talks). In fact, we’re finding it hard to choose which sessions to attend so we can produce some awesome content for our blog. 
Check out the Conference Program for yourself – we’re positive that no matter what events business you belong to or what role you’re in, you’ll find something to peak your interest.
Download Conference Program here: www.evolve2019.com.au/program-outline

2. Brisbane – a H O T destination

We’re not only talking about the weather when we say that Brisbane is a hot destination right now. There is a LOT happening in Brisbane at the moment – amazing new hotels, super cool new venues and fantastic eating and drinking establishments are popping up everywhere. 
We heard someone say recently that “if you haven’t been to Brisbane in the past 6 months, you haven’t been to Brisbane”. And, we cannot wait to be there in person and experience it for ourselves. 

As part of the conference program, you’ll be getting a chance to experience some of Brisbane’s amazing venues including, the Queensland Museum and the brand-new Howard Smith Wharves.

Evolve Brisbane 2019

3. Networking turned up to M A X

One of the main reasons people return to MEA’s annual conference year in and year out is to network. And, we LOVE a good industry gathering!
With registrations at an all time high for this year’s event, the networking potential is going to be extreme! Do you really want to miss out on catching up with all your industry buddies and meeting some fabulous new people? We certainly don’t want to miss it!

4. Celebrate Australia’s B E S T!

Wrapping up the 3-day conference is MEA’s National Awards Dinner and Presentation – not only a fun night out, but a chance to celebrate and recognise our industry’s best. 
We cannot wait to see who takes home the top accolades and give them a massive pat on the back. 

Final Note…

As you can guess we’re pretty excited about attending Evolve – the conference content, the location, the networking and the chance to celebrate our fabulous industry have got us tickled pink with excitement. 
The value in attending this year was a no brainer for us – here’s to the start of a long tradition. 

See you there!

To register for Evolve head to: www.evolve2019.com.au