Why your advertising dollars are better spent on events

Research shows that events are one of the best methods of engaging consumers and clients with your brand or product. When deciding on how to divide up your marketing budget, whether it’s big or small, it’s time to redistribute some of your advertising dollars to the medium that can make the biggest impact – events!
Australia has some amazing chambers, networking groups, conferences and exhibitions that assist in getting your business out in the market and face-to-face with your potential customers. 
However, organising your own events, with the help of a professional event management company, can be even more powerful. A well-structured event is a great investment that can get your business out to the market, attract new clients and solidify relationships with your existing clients.

Here are nine reasons you should invest in events:

1. According to The Content Marketing Institute’s 2015 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends, event marketing in 2015 was more effective than social media, blogging, case studies and white papers.
2. 70% of B2B marketers list ‘in person events’ as their top marketing strategy.
3. A successful event campaign allows for you to be creative with your product or service beyond information that has been provided in a traditional advert.
4. In contrast to traditional advertising (television, radio or billboards), which reaches out to thousands of consumers with the same general messaging, an event can target specific individuals or groups to make quality individual impressions.
5. Through event engagement products such as event apps, you’ll be able to measure your attendee’s engagement, their interest in your product or service and their feedback during an event.
6. Real-life experiences shape our thoughts and memories much more profoundly than anything we read or see in the media. In a world where we are beginning to crave experiences more than “stuff”, event marketing makes perfect sense.
7. Showcasing your business in front of a live, captive audience will allow you to sell your product or service much quicker than other traditional media.
8. Events assist in solidifying brand recognition. 8 out of 10 people who take part in a marketing event share their experience with someone else.
9. Events with clear messaging, solid event format, great content and entertainment create memorable experiences that translate your brand, product or service to your customers.

Guest post by Eyob Yesus

Eyob Yesus is Managing Director of Icon Corporate Events (previously Memphis Events), a Sydney-based event management company. His company specialises in working with clients from the creation and direction of the event right through to the technical production and execution of the event.