Winter floral ideas for events

It’s been a while since we caught up with our go-to florist, Kristy from Designs by Boo Shi, to discover what is popular in the world of event florists. Now that the cold snap has arrived, we thought it was about time we found out what flowers are thriving in winter and how they are being used by florists to bring life and colour to events this season. Join us as we chat to Kristy at the flower market…

What flowers are in season over winter in Australia? (June/ July/ August)

Kristy - Kale in shades of purple/greens and creams appear this time of year, as do flowering magnolia branch, tulips in a variety of colours, sweet pea, tiny violets, poppies, hyacinth, narcissi and daffodils, cumquats and flowering camellia.
Locally grown roses are always limited this time of year, substitutes are the imported roses which don’t seem to last as long as the locally grown rose.
This year the market has imported many shades of the premium peony…they will cost you more as their true season is November/December!
Colour wise: purples, rich reds, oranges and burgundy are proving to be extremely popular and the poppy colours – peach, pinks and golds!

Flowers in season for Australian winter events

How are you using these florals in events this season?

Kristy- Event clients with VIP dinners are requesting florals that make a statement via colour and design. Producing designs with stark contrasting colours or all one colour have been popular. We’ve also been adding a twist of texture through the use of sculptural leaves and branches which adds definition and interest. To create a lush opulent feel for a design we suggest using a large grouping of one colour.
We’ve been working a lot on styling food stations and casual dining events where it is all about exciting flavours paired with visually exciting food. For these style of events we have been creating a fusion of food and floral with organic styled blooms coupled with elements of herbs, fruit, vegetables and fresh trailing greenery.

You will have to check out our Instagram page for the latest event designs we’ve been working on!!

Winter floral arrangement at events

What is a great way to add colour to winter events? 

Kristy- Try using groupings of coloured blooms in warm colours such as orange, purple and burgundy.

What is new for bridal looks this season?

Kristy- Bouquets are bigger than ever, with brides following the UK and USA summer trends of unstructured bouquets with a hand picked botanical garden feel.  Many couples are requesting suspended florals and foliage features at their receptions or ceremonies to enhance that fresh garden feel.

We’re finding a lot more of our brides are requesting colour too!

Winter wedding flower trends 2014

What is unique to winter that you get really excited about using?

Kristy- Helleborus – make a brief mid-winter to early spring appearance. Also deconstructing flowering bulbs and flowering Magnolia branches!

What’s new in the Designs by Boo Shi showroom?

Kristy- Geometric shaped vases!  We have a variety of new geometric shaped vases coming into the studio – very popular for contemporary styled events for use on bar tops, cocktail and coffee tables.  Smart whites to work with the current trend of geometric styled furniture.
We also have an imported range of white ceramic vessels and fluted glass vases!
Geometric vases for event flower arrangements

For more inspiration, information or to send an enquiry to Designs by Boo Shi, check out their fab page on Event Birdie – Designs by Boo Shi.