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Beneath the ballerina’s skirt is one of Melbourne most loved, most iconic venues. Arts Centre Melbourne is regular host to world class performances and spectacles. And you too can host your own spectacular event within our beautiful venue.

Picture hosting a gala dinner on the State Theatre stage, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra serenading your guests, the deep red of the theatre cascading behind. Imagine holding your Christmas party in the Pavilion, with its rich tones, stylish interior and balcony overlooking the Melbourne skyline. Or perhaps you’re after a simple, beautiful boardroom, bathed in natural light for your next meeting?

Our venue is as versatile as it is unique. With no two spaces the same, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your event. Boasting 10 function rooms, four theatres and dedicated pre-function areas, each space has its own distinct personality.

Working tirelessly to make your event dreams a reality, our dedicated team will work with you to plan every last detail. From delicious tailor-made menus, to engaging audio-visual presentations, every element will be carefully considered to ensure your event is one to remember.


  • Iconic venue with an extraordinary selection of unique art-filled spaces
  • Personalised, expert hospitality and event experience
  • Innovative menus, premium AV and convenient location

What we can accommodate

Banquet 300
Cocktail 700
Theatre 350
Cabaret 240
Boardroom NA
Banquet 60
Cocktail 100
Theatre 60
Cabaret 40
Boardroom 20
Banquet 60
Cocktail 90
Theatre 70
Cabaret 40
Boardroom 20
Banquet 40
Cocktail 70
Theatre 40
Cabaret 32
Boardroom 20
Banquet 22
Cocktail 40
Theatre 25
Cabaret -
Boardroom 20
Banquet 18
Cocktail 30
Theatre 20
Cabaret -
Boardroom 16
Banquet 20
Cocktail 40
Theatre 40
Cabaret -
Boardroom 20

Need a room to sleep?

Accommodation is available within a short walk of our venue. Please contact us for our recommendations.

Who's in the Kitchen

We have an in-house team dedicated to creating the best menus for your event.

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