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Are you a professional event planner who loves to experience new venues, suppliers and event trends?
Do you love attending launch and showcase events?
Do you love being treated like a VIP?

YES! YES! YES! Then it’s time to join our exclusive VIP Guest List!
From time to time we are asked to invite our most valued followers to exclusive showcase style events and we’d love that to be you. 

Register your interest in joining our VIP Guest List now. 


Have some questions? Here's some answers...

Who can join the list?

Our VIP Guest list is for professional event planners who book venues, caterers and suppliers for their own (or their client) events. 

What type of events will you get invited to?

Most of the events you will receive an invitation to are showcase style events put on by our clients (venues, caterers and suppliers that provide services for events). The events may include dinners, cocktail parties or other hospitality-based events that will allow you to experience the products first hand. 

Do you have to attend?

Of course not. By being on the list you'll receive the invitation, but you are not required to RSVP if you cannot make the date or the event is not of interest to you. However, if you RSVP that you will attend, it's polite to do so.

Can I bring a guest?

This will depend on the event. For some of the events you are invited to you will be allowed to bring along a plus one. Other times it will be strictly invite only. The invitation will make this clear.

If you know of a colleague or friend who is a professional event planner who would like to attend these style of events with you - get them to sign up too!

Are the events free to attend?

Yes. The invitations we send to this VIP Guest List will always be free to attend. 

How many events does Event Birdie organise a year?

Event Birdie does not host these events, rather we get access to our client's events to invite you along.

Sometimes this will be an exclusive event for our guests only and other times the venue/ supplier may extend the invitation to their own database/ connections too (which means you might get the invitation from more than one source).

As we are not organising these events ourselves, we can not predict how many you will get invited to - but we'll do our best to get you as many invites as possible to a variety of events. 

Will you give my contact details to third party vendors?

Absolutely not. We send the invitations from our secure platform, however you will be RSVPing direct to the venue or supplier who is hosting the event (not Event Birdie). Therefore by RSVPing you will be giving your contact details to that venue/ supplier. We expect they will respect your details as much as we do.


With access to some of the best launch and showcase events in Sydney, Melbourne and soon Brisbane, there's no excuse not to join!



Check out these happy snaps from the events our VIP Guests have attended in 2018

VIP Guest List Events | Gunners Barracks

Dinner and cocktail making at Gunners Barracks | Sydney Venue Showcase in November 2018

VIP Guest List Events | Royal Randwick

Moet and canapes at Royal Randwick | Sydney Corporate Venue Showcase at Twilight Races in November 2018
Images by Oneill Photographics



P.S. Want to invite our VIP Guests to your next venue or supplier showcase event? Get in touch about working with Event Birdie... we'd love to help promote what your events business does best.